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Guidelines for Tenure Transfer for the year 2020-21 to ensure economy in expenditure under TA/TP

No. 12-1/2019-SBP-II (Part-1)
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Personnel Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110001
Dated: 19.05.2020

1. All Chief Postmasters General
2. Chief General Manager Business Development/Parcel/PLl Directorate
3. Director, RAKNPA/GM CEPT/Directors Postal Training Centers
4. Additional Director General, Army Postal Service, New Delhi

Subject: – Guidelines for Tenure Transfer for the year 2020-21 to ensure economy in expenditure under TA/TP.


As you are aware that, Government of India has decided to impose cut on various heads of account to tackle situations arising out of pandemic of COVID¬19. The budget cut is equally applicable to budget heads related to TA/TP related to transfer/posting. In order to review the tenure transfer guidelines for ensuring economy in respective heads, the tenure transfer were kept in hold vide this office letter of even no dated 17.4.2020 and 06.05.2020. The guidelines have been reviewed in consultation with Vigilance Branch of Postal Directorate and it has been decided that circles may issue tenure transfer for the year 2020-21 following the under mentioned guidelines:-

a) With a view to keep the expenditure at the barest minimum, economy on TA/TP should be a major consideration in the decision making.

b) Tenure transfer may be made in such a manner that it does not involve expenditure on TA/TP except in exceptional cases.

c) Where ever transfer liability lies within the same station / office premises involving no TA/TP, tenure transfer order can be issued.

d) Officials in C-class post offices / of doubtful integrity completing tenure / planned to be transferred will be transferred in such a manner that transfer does not attract expenditure on TA/TP as far as possible. Where it is not possible to avoid TA/TP expenditure, the transfer orders be issued with TA/TP.

e) If the official is already on extension, no further extension will be given based on these instructions. Such cases will be handled as per existing instructions on the issue.

f) In all other cases, where it is not possible to transfer the officials following above guidelines, their tenure shall be extended till 31.03.2021 or until further orders whichever is earlier. However due care should be taken about the past work of the official, integrity and sensitivity of work allotted.

2. Where tenure transfer are already issued and implemented, such cases will not be opened. Where tenure transfer have been issued but not implemented, the cases will be reviewed based on these instructions.

3. These additional guidelines shall be in force till 31.3.2021 or until further orders whichever is earlier.

Yours faithfully,

(Satya Narayana Dash)
Director (SPN)

Signed Copy



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