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Government Quarters – Classification of Residences


As per SR 317-B-5 here is the type of residences based on the grade pay

1. Residential Accommodation

Grade Pay

Type of Residences

Rs. 1,300, 1,400, 1,600, 1,650 & 1,800


Rs. 1,900, 2,000, 2,400 & 2,800


Rs. 4,200, 4,600 & 4,800


Rs 5,400 to Rs. 6,600


Rs. 6,600

IV (Spl.)

Rs. 7,600

V-A (D-II)

Rs. 8,700 and Rs. 8,900

V-B (D-I)

Rs. 10,000


Rs. 67000-74999

VI-B (C-I)

Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 79999


Rs. 80,000 and above


2. Hostel Accommodation

Category of officer or his Grade Pay as on such date as may be specified by the
Central Government for the purpose

Type of Hostel

Rs. 4,200 and above Single Suite (Without Kitchen)
Rs. 4,200 and above Single Suite (With Kitchen)
Rs. 5,400 and above Double Suite
All lady officers without limit of emolument Working Girl Hostel

(a) Eligibility of an officer for Government accommodation shall be determined as per the Grade Pay of such officer in his present post held in the Government of India,

(b) Date of priority in respect of lower type accommodation i.e. Type-I to TypeIV shall be the date of joining the service in the Government of India.

(c) The inter-se seniority for the higher type accommodation shall be considered on the basis of following principles, namely:

(i) Firstly the Grade Pay of the Officer;

(ii) Secondly the priority dates within the same Grade-Pay. In this case the priority date shall be the date from which the applicant continuously drawing his existing Grade Pay.;

(iii) Where the priority date of two or more officers is the same, the inter-se seniority of the officers shall be determined on the basis of the basic pay i.e. the officer who have a higher pay shall be senior in the waiting list;

(iv) Where the priority date and the basic pay of two or more officers are the same, the earlier date of joining in the service of the Government of India shall be the next determining principle of inter-se seniority.

(v) where the priority date, basic pay and the date of joining in the service of the Government of India of two or more officers are the same, the officers retiring earlier may be accorded higher priority over the officer retiring later.

(d) The principle of determining the inter-se seniority of two or more officers as specified in sub-clause (ii) of clause (c) shall be implemented from the 1st January 2010.

(e) where Type-V and Type VI accommodation has not been classified as Type V-A and type V-B and type-VI-A and type-VI-B respectively, all the officers eligible for type –V shall be grouped together and similarly those eligible for type –VI shall also be grouped together,

(f) in the case of Secretaries to the Government of India and Additional Secretaries to the Government of India, the date of joining in the Government of India at Delhi shall determine their inter-se seniority subject to condition that no junior batch officer of the same service shall get priority over his senior batch officer. Where the date of joining is the same, the date of retirement shall determine their inter-se seniority on the principle that the eqrlier date of joing the Government of India, irrespective of the poace of posting and service/batch seniority, shall determine the inter-se seniority.

(g) officer entitled for Type-V and above accommodation shall also be eligible to apply for accommodation below entitlement subject to the condition that such accommodation shall not be below type-IV Special accommodation,

File No.12035/1/98-Policy-II GSR No.128 dated 29.8.2009.*

It has been decided by the competent authority that allotment of type VII and type VIII house will be made by the Minister of Urban Development keeping in view the functional necessity, criticality/sensitivity of the post held, urgency in requirement of houses by the eligible high dignitar8es and such allotments would not entail imposition of any enhanced rate of licence fee upon allottees which are working on very sensitive posts having lot of responsibility on behalf of the Government. O.M.

No.12035/9/97-Pol.II dated 4.4.2012



  1. Sir,iam staying now type 1 qtrs,even though my grade pay is 2400,I submit a application for type ll last two years,but management allotting the type 11 qtrs for ex-service man employee s even though they have 1900 grade pay,so my question is any qouta is their for ex-service man employee?

  2. The license fee of type V quarters are charged as for Type V-B because of plinth area more than 106 SqM . What should be eligibility for officers and what grade of pay ?

  3. Dear sir,

    As my father working in CENTRAL POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE as a Superintendent.what will be the procedure to get a quarters & we looking for double suite.

  4. Sir I am M.S.Negi employee of state Govt. I know that I draw the grade 4600.00 and entitle for Type -III qtr bt it’s qtr allotted to higher grad pay 5400 officer who is entitle for Type-IV qtr vacantand Type-II qtr alloted me and some type-III qtr vacant in this time such that applied by service junior and grade pay higher 5400 employee. I know how to do me that could the allot Type-III qtr to me. Kindly help me

  5. What is rule in respect of authorisation /payment of HRA and LICENSE FEE if hostel is only alloted grade pay 4600/ and cetral govt psu employee.

  6. Can a type iv accommodation be allotted to a employee who is drawing grade pay 4800 in the 6th CPC and sufficient type iv accommodation are vacant.pl.also provide tathy.thanks in advance.

  7. Can You provide the rules for distribution and limit upto which it can be used for open space all around the quarter with a three storied govt accommodation in min of defence

  8. In februry-2017 allottment ,type-2,3 & 4 allotted in shimla-gpra on 20-02-17. but even I am single candidate applied for type-one in Longwood new building at Shimla ,I have not allotted that quarter till date——-

  9. Respected sir,

    1. I like to know if an central govt. employ use her/his govt. quarter for business (Eg:- Shop, IT, parlor) than what are the problem can be face ?
    2. How to complain about it ?
    3. Whom to complain ?

  10. Hello sir,

    i m prateek lahri . i m state gov. employee in district court indore at sahayak gread -3.
    I want to ask u that which type ofgovment quater allot for me?

  11. Sir, I, Binod Kumar Sahoo, am working as Jr.Stenographer under Medical Director, East Coast Railway Bhubaneswar. After own requested transfer from SEC Railway, Bilaspur to ECoR, BBS my grade pay made from 4200 to 2400. But here Ty-II quarters is not vacant but type-III quarter is vacant under Medical Pool. Presently, my basic is 39,800/-. Can I get Type-III quarters. Date of joining -14..11.2005, I have already been completed 10 years of service.

  12. Sir,
    I, Sumanta Mandal, Tax Assistant at Central Board of Direct Tax under Ministry of Finance. I am authorised for Type II qtr but the same is not available here but Type III qtr is available for long time. Now my office want to allot higher rank qtr (Type III) as the same is vacant. My question is, should I have to pay three times Licence Fee or same as per my type? Allotment of qtr is as per office decision.

  13. Hi sir, I Narinder Kaur tr in Delhi administration, drawing basic pay Rs 73400 what type of accommodation am I eligibal for

  14. Sir I belong army and presently serving in kolkata. I want to know how can I aplly for cpwd quarter for two yrs. Pl reply the same.

  15. Sir jay hind ..myself STOR KEEPER xxx frim IAF and presently drawing 1900/- grade pay.my question is this that can a seniority list of STORE KEEPER be maintained along with MTS(eartwhile groupD) for Govt accommodation.person who is drawing 1900/-GP under MACP


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