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Facility for downloading of Index Card and Validity of CGHS Card

Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
(EHS Section)

Dated, the 10th February, 2021
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi-110011

Office Memorandum

Subject: Facility for downloading of Index Card and Validity of CGHS Card- Regarding.

It has been the endeavour of CGHS to provide more on-line facilities for its beneficiaries especially during COVID times. As a step further in this direction, the facility to download and print the Index Card is now available to the CGHS beneficiaries. 0n verification of the CGHS card application by Additional Director of the CGHS city/headquarters, an SMS would be sent to the registered mobile number of the main card holder, following which the Index Card would be downloadable by the main card holder and his dependents. The beneficiary will no longer be required to visit the Office of Additional Director of the city/headquarters at Delhi to collect the paper Index Card. The beneficiary can use the downloaded lndex Card (e-lndex Card)) to avail all CGHS facilities in CGHS units as well as at empanelled hospitals and diagnostic centres.

How to download the Index Card : On receiving the SMS regarding verification of card application, the beneficiary would be required to go to “Beneficiary login” at www.cghs.nic.in and login using his Beneficiary ID and password. An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number as well as email of the beneficiary for authentication, following which the beneficiary would be able to download the e-lndex Card.

Validity of CGHS Plastic Cards:
Earlier, CGHS cards of serving beneficiaries and their dependents were valid for 05 years from the date of being printed. This often resulted in differing card expiry date of main card holder and his dependents, for instance, in case of addition of a new dependent.

To remove this anomaly, henceforth, in case of all new/renewed serving CGHS cards, the validity period ofthe Plastic Card, e-lndex Card, as well as “Print your own Card” will be the same for main card holder and all their dependents i.e.,05 years from the date when the department has approved the application for plastic card of the main card holder’ This will be irrespective of the date when their card is printed. ln addition, the e-‘lndex Card and “Print your own Card” facility would be available during this 05 year validity period only.

The existing plastic cards will however continue till their 05 year validify period ends.

ln case of pensioner cards (except whole life card),the e-lndex Card / plastic card/”Print your own card” validity and download facility would be from date of approval on the application for plastic card by Additional Director of the city/Headquarter in Delhi, till the period covered by the subscription deposited by the pensioner.

The plastic card printing agency will henceforth print CGHS cards of main card holder and dependents with the same “Valid upto” date, as captured in the database of the main CGHS card holder (exception being whole life pensioner cards where “whole life” is to be printed in place of”valid upto” date).

Beneficiaries would be able to apply for renewal of plastic cards 03 months from expiry date of existing card. The new e-Index Card valid for 5years from date of approval by department/ CGHS as the case may be, would be available for downloading after SMS confirmation from CGHS.

It is reiterated that in case any of the beneficiaries [main card holder or dependent) becoming ineligible for availing CGHS facitities, it shall be the responsibility of the main card holder to immediately inform the Additional Director /CMO l/C either through the department (in case of serving beneficiaries) or directly (please see at www.cghs.nic.in FAQs at serial numbers 1 and 4 to 9 for details). It is also reiterated that in the event of the main card holder’s failure to inform CGHS about change in the eligibility status, then CGHS facility to the beneficiary and his dependents is liable to be withdrawn in addition to any other action as deemed fit by CGHS/ appropriate authority (including disciplinary proceedings against serving beneficiary under CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965). Department will be responsible for retaining and getting deleted from Database the CGHS cards of its employees transferred to non CGHs covered areas/organizations or on resignation/retirement.

The information regarding the new e-lndex card facility would be disseminated to the main card holders through SMS.

[Dr. Anil Ranga]
Director [CGHs -Policy]



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