Expected DA from January 2021 Calculator

Expected DA from January 2021 Calculator

DA Freeze for Central Government Employees

Due to the COVID-19, Central Government decided to freeze the Dearness Allowance to Central Government Employees and Dearness Relief to Central Government Pensioners. Subsequently Ministry of Finance released the office memorandum No. 1/1/2020-E- II(B) on 23rd April, 2020 for freezing of DA & DR till July 2021.

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Expected DA from January 2021 Calculator

DA Calculator from July 2024

DA Calculator from July 2024
MonthCPI(IW)BY2001=100DA% Monthly Increase
Jan 201930713.40
Feb 201930714.03
Mar 201930914.73
Apr 201931215.50
May 201931416.30
Jun 201931617.09
Jul 201931917.67
Aug 201932018.27
Sep 201932218.94
Oct 201932519.68
Nov 201932820.50
Dec 201933021.43
Jan 202033022.16
Feb 202032822.83
Mar 202032623.37
Apr 202032923.92
May 202033024.43
Jun 202033224.94
Jul 202033625.48
Aug 202033826.05
Sep 2020118.126.63
Oct 2020119.527.24
Nov 2020119.927.79
Dec 2020118.828.18
Jan 2021118.228.51
Feb 202111928.98
Mar 2021119.629.57
Apr 2021120.130.11
May 2021120.630.66
Jun 2021121.731.25
July 2021122.831.81
Aug 202112332.33
Sep 2021123.332.81
Oct 2021124.933.30
Nov 2021125.733.84
Dec 2021125.434.44
Jan 2022125.135.08
Feb 202212535.63
Mar 202212636.21
Apr 2022127.736.91
May 202212937.68
Jun 2022129.238.37
July 2022129.939.02
Aug 2022130.239.68
Sep 2022131.340.42
Oct 2022132.541.12
Nov 2022132.541.74
Dec 2022132.342.37
Jan 2023132.843.08
Feb 2023132.743.79
Mar 2023133.344.46
Apr 2023134.245.06
May 2023134.745.58
Jun 2023136.446.24
July 2023139.747.14
Aug 2023139.247.97
Sep 2023137.548.54
Oct 2023138.449.08
Nov 2023139.149.68
Dec 2023138.850.28
Jan 2024138.950.84
Feb 2024139.251.44
Mar 2024138.951.95
Apr 2024139.452.43
May 2024139.952.91
Jun 2024

Important DA FAQs

What is the expected DA from January 2021 ?

As per the AICPIN value and the DA Calculation Sheet, the expected DA from Jan 2021 is 28%

Is the freeze on DA till next July 2021?

Yes, as per the FINMIN office memorandum No. 1/1/2020-E- II(B) on 23rd April, 2020 for freezing of DA & DR till July 2021

What is CPI-IW Stands for ?

CPI-IW Stands for Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (CPIIW),

What is the current base year for CPI ?

Ministry of Labour and Employment released the new series of Consumer Price Index for Industrial Worker (CPI-IW) with base year 2016. The new series of CPI-IW with base 2016 has replaced the existing series with base 2001

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  1. Being a family pensioner struggling hard to meet the day to day expenses, again news showing bumper hike in central DA&DR from Jan 2022 looks like a joke for me!!!! With the inflation we are facing right now how much it is justified to increase DA&DR at the rate of 3%….Freezing DA…Not giving Arrears….no change in fitment factor!!! Waiting for Ache Din!!!

  2. Government has changed base year to 2016. Hence hereafter Government employees and retired Government employees will not get the usual DA hike and the hike will be at a lower level because the Government has added more items in the essential basket and hence the index tends to decrease when compared to the old increase. This Government is going to cheat it’s employees and pensioners in future. Please take it from me.

  3. in all side expenditure is increasing and here we the employee salary is on freeze-ed, This Government will keep on blaming the Pandemic, where the country can still spend crore of money in other sector, and leaving behind the pillar of the government, now some will still support the Government and its act.
    from my side i see that the Govt. can unfreezed our D.A and give us all pending dues to the Employees but i don’t know what kind of politics they are playing, we are all contractual worker under government view.
    i am planning to start a self business rather then working under this Government.

  4. Since October 2020 there is no DA allowed to the 1997 payrevised cpsu employees who are facing lots of problems with the existing old payscale Salaries which cannot be comparable with Other PSU’S who are drawing latest payscale which are according to the present economy were surviving but Sufferer is only who is working with the old payscale of 1997 I.e, 23 year backlog and still working hard towards his best possibilities for getting New payscale.
    Government should roll back their decision on Freezing DA to the old payscale cpsu employees.

  5. Since these Government came to Power in 2014 year, most of the PSU’S were kept in Darkness and not even allowed to Revive which are came under NPA and are still running with very Old payscale like 1997 and drawing very less Salaries which are cannot be compared to the other Co-Public Sectors which are entitled the latest pay scale of 2017 year . How come these Government forget about the employees who gave sacrifice to their services with old salaries and implementing such a Draconian policy towards the Sufferer and not only this they were not allowed get Retirement benefits since last 3 years where is the truth and justification.

    • are you leaveing in paradise world? it is correct disicine on part of goverment as covid pandamic19 govt have to meet very essetial things all indian have to vacinated free of of cost where FROM money will come BROTHER FROM 2004 no pesion/da govt have to pay Do you think de nationalise of AIR INDIA IS WRONG STEP?

  6. What ever it may be whether DA increased or not no nobody will get benefit especially pensioners. States are increased salaries and DA.

  7. Freezing of da and payment of no arrears from Jan 2020 is not a good order… freeze was OK but non payment of arrears is never good…. Relief is to relieve the employees from worries but the Govt.has added and hence swollen the worries….

  8. Huge research now flooded with possible rate of percentage of DA likely to be on July 2021.Since the base year now 2016=100and new formula set in forth from January 2021.The computation for DA is also changed. Since the denominator are high due to spike of inflation dominated by supply and demand constraint. And corresponding numerator too lower as new index point to be arrived by a divider 2.88.So DA on July likely to be 27or 28percnt And no DA on January 2021.But not worrying too much DA will on upper circuit from on and towards July 2022

  9. For the month of October 2020, index point is expected to be increased by 02 points i.e. it may be 120 for the Base 2016=100.
    so if we multiply it with the linking factor (2.88) of the old series 2001=100 and new series 2016=100, it comes as 345.60 rounding to 346.
    It means the DA becomes 27.30 till October 2020.

  10. It is notified as 118 as index number for sept 2020 under new series. But the da entitlement for this figure is required to be calculated. Thanks.


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