Expected DA from January 2018

Expected DA from January 2018
MonthCPI(IW)BY2001=100DA% Monthly Increase
Jan 20162690.48
Feb 20162670.93
Mar 2016 2681.38
Apr 201612711.86
May 2162752.4
June 20162772.91
July 20162803.45
Aug 20162783.90
Sep 20162774.25
Oct 20162784.53
Nov 20162774.76
Dec 20162754.95
Jan 20172745.11
Feb 20172745.55
Mar 20172755.33
Apr 20172775.74
May 20172785.84
Jun 20172805.94
Jul 20172856.10
Aug 20172856.32
Sep 20172856.57
Oct 20172876.86
Nov 20172887.21
Dec 20172867.56
Jan 20182888.01
Feb 2018


  1. As per latest labour bureau indications, expected d a for cg employees and pensioners w. E. F july 2018 is 10%, if the inflation continues .

  2. Sir my father a retired village Munsiff gets spension of Rs.4750with a basic Rs.2000/.what will be his 7th pay commission pension

    • Ms Sujatha,

      Your father is not a Central Government Pensioner. As per 7th Pay Commission, minimum basic pension is Rs 9000/- . If your State Government implemented the 7th Pay Commission, your father will get the above scale of pension.

  3. My mom is working in EOS Power India Pvt LTD which is coming under SEZ zone at Andheri they haven’t received DA in 2017 .
    Company told that there is no DA for Jan 2017 and June 2017. Please advice me in this matter

  4. The ratio adopted for D.A is not justified, even the Finance Minister is well aware. The Unions has to start to struggle right now. It is known fact that there is no single M.P of N.D.A is in favor of the Central Employees and pensioners. If N.D.A party wins next election the fate of All employees in the country has to suffer for more than decade. All Employees organisations should come to one plat farm start hesitations,

  5. With this pace the d a rise would never reach 50 percent in another 14 years. Reason being we get only 7percent rise till Dec2017(in 2years). So 50percent do would rise in 14 years.

  6. DA W E F 1-1-2018 DUE 2% OLD DA 5%+2%= 7% TOTAL
    E7/500 NEW RANJIT PURA-1
    +91-94 6464 3838-M

  7. The salary/pension is increased by a factor of 2.57 times.If the current increase in DA is multiplied by the same factor then 5 percent increase becomes 5×2.57=12.85 times.This means 25 percent will be 64.25.I do agree that there should be upward revision in calculation of DA but the truth lies somewhere between the two extremes.

  8. The government is doing injustice with their employees with regard to D.A. Mahagai is increasing day and night but D.A. of the employees not increased by govt. in that ratio.
    Awadh Prasad,
    Patna (Bihar).

  9. 2018

    Jul-17 285 6.1
    Aug-17 285 6.32
    Sep-17 286 6.66
    Oct-17 287 6.89
    Nov-17 288 7.24
    Dec-17 287 7.63
    Expected: 2%

    Expected DA from Jul 2018
    Jan-18 287 8.04
    Feb-18 287 8.45
    Mar-18 288 8.87
    April-18 290 9.28
    May-18 292 9.73
    Jun-18 294 10.18
    Expected: 3%

    Expected DA from Jan 2019
    Jul-18 297 10.56
    Aug-18 297 10.97
    Sep-18 298 11.36
    Oct-18 300 11.77
    Nov-18 300 12.15
    Dec-18 299 12.54
    Expected 2 %

    Above forcasting has been done

  10. During the Vajpayee regime, the DA of employees increased just 24 percent in 5 years. In the next two terms of Manmohan Singh , the increased 55 percent each term. And now , in the Modi era, let me warn the employees and pensioners that you are not going to get more than 25 percent increase in your DA in five years. The Traders government has manipulated the WPI to its advantage..

  11. Employees used to be cheated always.
    1. HRA arrears of the employees leaving outside govt. colony in hardship is always stolen in each pay commission. It is HRA ghotala not Chara ghotala
    2. DA formula remains defective or AICPIN is frozen to ensure no significant DA to be paid
    3. All rules on TA/DA etc. are such that employees always are forced to violate rules/become corrupt to be blackmailed by the Administrator
    4. No arrears will be given for any increase in salary if pay revision implemented any more

    Employees shows their dadagiri with public while on duty. Public shows dadagiri with the help of ministry. Both are right at their places. Unless honesty returns situation will remain same.

  12. Sir, I strongly believe the calculation of DA is wrong. Would the concerned authorities look into the matter.

    In the present scenario, the DA will hardly touch 50% in the next 8 years.

    The calculations used in the 6th CPC should be continued.

    • Sir, I fully agree with the views of Mr. Vijayakumar A. The cost of all most all items are daily increasing.Petrol, GAS, Sugar, Rice, Electricity Charges, Vegitables, Fish, Oil, Telephone charges etc are daily increasing. Can you show a single item for which there is decrease in value. No. Then why is it that the method of DA calculation is correct. No. It is not correct. Before the 7th C.P.C. we were getting DA @ 10 %, 10 %, 8 %, 6 % etc. Now after the 7th C.P.C. the DA rate is only O %, 2 %, 2% & 1 % . Total 5 % during this two years. Even a small boy will doubt. But our leaders are not worried. Wonderful.If there is a sincere MP interested in our issues he can bring it to the notice of Govt. of India. Previously some Socialist M P s Marxist M P s, Shri. George Fernandez etc. were interested. Now I do not know such interested MPs. So let it be decided by our Prime Minister himself. who is in charge of Pension cases. We can request our Prime Minister to kindly consider this issue.If our Union leaders are capable of bringing this issue to the notice of our Prime Minister, He is capable of solving such problems. Yours Sincerely K> L> JOSEPH, KANIYAMPARAMBIL House, S H MOUNT POST, KOTTAYAM 686 006. Ph, 9400563626 . Dtd 28/11/17.


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