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ESIC Pensioners Medical Scheme, 2006 – Rates of contribution

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ESIC Pensioners Medical Scheme, 2006 – Rates of contribution


No. D-12116/1/2017-E-VI-Vol.I

Dated : 17.8.2018

I.C. (NTA), All Addl. Commissioners & Regional Directors/ Jt. Directors In-charge, D(M)D/ DM Noida/ SSMC/ M.S. of ESIC Hospitals/ ODCs.

Sub: ESIC Pensioners Medical Scheme, 2006 – rates of contribution.

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Please refer to this office letter of even No. dated 6/3/2018 wherein the rates of contributions for the pensioners covered under ESIC-FMS-2006 were revised subsequent to the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission Report. However, some of the Field units have raised queries in the matter and the clarfications for the same as inferred from the circulars of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare are as follows :

1. The rates of contributions are revised w.e.f 1/2/2017 for pensioners availing benefits under ESIC-PMS-2006 (as per the date of implementation under CGHS pattern for pensioners).

2. Pensioners who had obtained life-time validity card on or before 31.1.2017 will not be required to pay any additional amount as a result of the revision of rates.

3. Pensioners who had obtained annual card on or before 31/1/2017 may be allowed the subscription at the pre-revised rates upto the end of 12 months for which the card was issued to them. Afterwards, pensioners are required to pay at the revised rates.

4. The instructions dated 6/3/2018 are effective w.e.f 1/2/2017. Therefore, pensioners who had already obtained medical cards on or after 1/2/2017 with life-time validity are required to pay the difference in contribution rates.

5. Both the circulars legarding revision of Fixed Medical, Allowance and revision of contibutions have been adopted in ESIC as per the circulars of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for CGHS pensioners and thererefore, the effective dates could not be altered. Further, no provisions are available under CGHS for payment of contribtutions in instalments.

This issues with the approval of Addl. Commissioner (P&A).

This disposes off all references received in the mattter. The receipt of this letter may please be acknowledged.

Hindi version will follow.

Yours faithfully,
( Prabha Saini)
Asst. Director

Signed copy

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