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ESIC : Moratorium on rotational transfers of officers / staff in view of COVID-19

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Moratorium on rotational transfers of officers /staff in view of COVID-19 pandemic-regarding.

In view of the extraordinary situation prevailing in the country due to outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic causing serious disruptions in the life, it would not be appropriate to dislocate officers/staff of ESI Corporation for one year. It has, therefore, been decided that:

1. No rotational transfers of officers/ officials in different grades (Group ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’) be carried till 30.04.2021.

2. The exception to this moratorium on rotational transfers, would, however, be administrative reasons to fill up any vacancy due to promotion/retirement and consideration of requests by officers/staff on compassionate grounds i.e. medical emergency with self or family members etc with general principles that minimum dislocation is caused to the officers/officials while deciding postings on promotion.

3. Transfers being made on personal request and on compassionate ground will be without any cost to the government i.e. no transfer grants/transfer allowance/travelling allowance/daily allowance would be paid to the officers/staff who have been transferred on their own request.

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4. The transfer to be made in the above categories i.e. Para 2 would be recommended by the Transfer Committee.

This is in compliance to directions received from Government of India and meets approval of competent authority. All the immediate cadre controlling authorities are advised to circulate 86 bring contents of this O.M. to knowledge of all the concerned of their respective units.

Signed Copy

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