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Enhancement of Diet and Supplement Charges for Athletes

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has decided to enhance the diet and supplement charges of the athletes as per the following rates:

I. Diet Charges –

Upto Rs.650/- per day per athlete for Senior sportspersons
Upto Rs.450/- per day per athlete for Junior/Sub-junior sportspersons

II. Supplement Charges –

Upto Rs.700/- per day per athlete for heavy & middle weight power events
Upto Rs.400/- per day per athlete for endurance, team, sprints and low weight power events
Upto Rs.300/- per day per athlete for skill events

The procurement of supplements is to be done by SAI as per the procedure laid down in GFR.

It is further advised that food supplements to be given to the athletes shall be decided after medical and bio-chemical assessment of each player.

In the cases where the athletes prefer a certain brand of supplement and are reluctant to consume supplements of other brands, SAI may purchase such specific brand of supplements within the approved entitlement as stated above. A list of such brands of supplements be prepared by SAI in consultation with NSFs, athletes, coaches and nutritionists, etc., which would be reviewed periodically by SAI once or twice a year.

Source : PIB



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