DoP SB Order : Issuance of Duplicate Certificates Kisan Vikas Patra / National Savings Certificate

SB Order No. 30/2020

e.F.No. 61/5/2020-FS
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Financial Services Division)

Dak Bhawan, New Delhi- 110001
Dated :- 28/08/2020

All Head of Circles

Subject :- Regarding clarification on issuance of duplicate certificates (KVP/NSC).


This office is receipt of many references/representations regarding various doubts in respect of issuance of duplicate certificates (KVP/NSC).

The matter has been examined in this office in the light of rule 18 of the Government Savings Promotion General Rules 2018 and I am directed to say that the following procedure should to be adopted for issuance of duplicate certificate (KVP/NSC).

(A) Pre-printed certificates issued before 01.07.2016 :– For issue of duplicate certificates (NSC/KVP), the procedure prescribed in Rule 160 of POSB(CBS) Manual/Rule 43 and 44 of POSB Manual Volume II should be followed (taking of indemnity bond) after receipt of payment of fee prescribed in “GSPR-2018 Schedule II” for issue of Passbook in lieu of lost or mutilated certificates per registration (circulated vide SB Order 3/2020 dated 10.01.2020 and its addendum dated 03.03.2020).

After issue of sanction by Postmaster of HO, the duplicate passbook is to be issued and details of old certificates are to be entered manually in the passbook under dated signatures with designation stamp of Postmaster.

(B) Certificates(KVP/NSC ) issued on or after 01.07.2016 in the shape of Passbook:- The procedure prescribed for issuance of duplicate passbook in Rule 45 of POSB(CBS) Manual/Rule 68 of POSB Manual Volume I should be followed after receipt of payment of fee prescribed in “GSPR-2018 Schedule II” for issue of duplicate passbook (circulated vide SB Officer 03/2020 dated 10.01.20 and its addendum dated 03.03.2020).

This issues with the approval of competent authority.

(Devendra Sharma)
Assistant director (SB)

Signed Copy


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