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DA hike for Karnataka Government Employees from July 2021

DA Order for Karnataka Government Employees from July 2021


Sub:- Revision of the rates of Dearness Allowance-reg.

READ: (1) G.O. No. FD 06 SRP 2018 dated: 19.04.2018
(2) G.O. No. FD 12 SRP 2018 dated: 18.06.2018
(3) G.D. No. FD 21 SRP 2018 dated: 12.10.2018
(4) G.O. No. FD 1 SRP 2019 dated: 28.03.2019
(5) G.O. No. FD 15 SRP 2019 dated: 19.10.2019
(6) G.O. No. FD 10 SRP 2020 dated: 05.05.2020
(7) GOT O.M. No.1/1/2020-E-11(B) dated: 20.07.2021


In view of the crisis arising out of Covid-19 pandemic, in G.O. dated: 05.05.2020 read at (6) above the State Government as a matter of policy have issued orders freezing the dearness allowance for the period 01.01.2020 to 30.06.2021 until further orders. In GOT O.M. dated: 20.07.2021 read at (7) above orders have been issued revising the dearness allowance rates of central government employees for the period 01.01.2020 to 30.06.2021.

Hence, it is considered necessary to revise the dearness allowance rates admissible to State Government employees, employees working in Local Bodies/Boards and Corporations etc. Accordingly, the following orders are issued:


Government are pleased to release the additional installments of dearness allowance for the period 01.01.2020 to 30.06.2021. Accordingly, the rates of Dearness Allowance payable to the State Government Employees in the 2018 Revised Pay Scales shall be revised from the existing 11.25% to 21.50% of Basic Pay with effect from 1st July 2021.

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2. For the purpose of this order, the term ‘Basic Pay’ means, pay drawn by a Government Employee in the scale of pay applicable to the post held by him and includes:

a. Stagnation increment, if any, granted to him above the maximum of the scale of pay;
b. Personal Pay, if any, granted to him under sub-rule (3) of Rule 7 read with Rule 3(c) of the Karnataka Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2018;
c. Additional increment, if any, granted to him above the maximum of the scale of pay.

3. Basic Pay shall not include any emoluments other than those specified above.

4. Government are also pleased to enhance the rates of Dearness Allowance from the existing 11.25% to 21.50% of the Basic Pension/Family Pension with effect from 1st the y I 2021 to the State Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners as well as Pensioners/Family Pensioners of the Aided Educational Institutions whose Pension/Family Pension is paid out of the Consolidated Fund of the State.

5. These orders are also applicable to retired employees on UGC/AICTE/ICAR scales of pay.

6. These orders will apply to the full time Government Employees. Employees of Zilla Panchayats, Work Charged Employees on regular time scales of pay, full time Employees of Aided Educational Institutions and Universities who are on regular time scales of pay.

7. Appropriate authorities may take decision on revision of the dearness allowance of the employees covered under the Karnataka Daily Wage Employees Welfare Act, 2012 and also employees of Boards/Corporations/Local Bodies, Employees of Government/Autonomous Institutions etc under the control of State Government whose dearness allowance order is being regulated with reference to the orders issued by the State Government from time to time. This is subject to the fulfillment of conditions and precedents like obtaining approval of the Competent Authority in issuing separate orders etc., if any.

8. Separate orders will be issued in respect of Employees on UGC/AICTE/ICAR/NJPC scales of pay and also in respect of NJPC Pensioners.

9. The increase in Dearness Allowance admissible under this order is payable in cash.

10. The payment on account of Dearness Allowance involving fractions of 50 paise and above shall be rounded off to the next rupee and fractions less than 50 paise shall be ignored.

11. The Dearness Allowance will be shown as a distinct element of remuneration and will not be treated as pay for any purpose.

Deputy Secretary to Government,
Finance Department (Services-2).

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