DA Arrears Calculator 2023

DA Arrears Calculator from Jan 2023

DA Arrears Calculator From Jan 2023
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Important FAQs

What is the DA Arrears Calculator?

Central Government approved an additional 4 percent dearness allowance from Jan 2023, now employees will get arrears amount from Jan to March for 4% dearness allowance, so this calculator will be useful to find the arrears for this 3 months

What is the current dearness allowance percentage?

The current dearness allowance is 42% from Jan 2023

How to calculator DA Arrears?

DA Arrears has to be calculated for the last 3 months, Select your 7th CPC level, select basic pay & TA, the click submit to find the arrears amount

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  1. I need my DA Areas on my medical grounds of heart Disease with pace maker and perkinson problem Thanks Parvez Zaki


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