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Compassionate appointments for dependent children of Central Govt employees who died in harness after Covid 19 – Confederation


Ref: CONFD/Compassionate appointment

Dated – 12.05.2021


The Secretary, Personnel,
Government of India,
Department of Personnel and Training
North Block, New Delhi, 110 001.

Dear Sir,

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Sub :- Compassionate appointments for dependent children of Central Government employees who died in harness after the outbreak of corona covid 19.

We solicit your kind reference to the scheme of appointments on compassionate ground, presently prevailing in the Central Government departments other than Railways. As you are aware, the Government had arbitrarily restricted such appointments to 5% of the vacancies. The aspects of discrimination and absolute un-tenability of the said decision had been the subject matter of discussions at the Standing Committee and National Council meetings of the JCM on innumerable occasions. The said restriction, however, continued for years together imparting injustice and agony to hundreds of deserving candidates.

After the outbreak of corona covid 19 in November, 2019, hundreds of Central Government employees died, most of them being afflicted by the deadly disease. In the recent months, due to the second phase of the pandemic, the condition has deteriorated as many are dying due to shortage of medicine, hospital beds, ICUs, Ventilators, oxygen and vaccine doses. The number of deaths occurring have become manifold and the dependent family members of the employees are in inexpressible agony.

We, therefore, request you to kindly issue necessary instructions to all the heads of circles to provide compassionate appointments to the dependent children of those employees, who died in harness since November, 2019, without resort to the restriction of 5% of the vacancies imposed by the earlier directive in the matter.

We shall be highly grateful for an immediate and favourable response from your end.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(R. N. Parashar)
Secretary General

Source : Confederation

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Compassionate appointment

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