Child Care Leave for Central Government employees – Clarification

No. 13018 /1/2010-Estt. (Leave)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)

New Delhi, the 7th September, 2010

Office Memorandum

Sub: Child Care Leave in respect of Central Government employees as a result of Sixth Central Pay Commission recommendations – Clarification regarding

The undersigned is directed to say that this Department has been receiving representations from Government Servants through various quarters like the Public Grievances Cell/Associations etc requesting to review the decision to allow Child Care Leave (CCL) only if the employee has no E.L. at her credit.

2. This Department’s O.M. No.13018/2/2008-Estt.(L) dated 11/09/2008 regarding introduction of Child Care Leave in respect of Central Government employees and subsequent clarifications vide O.Ms. dated 29/9/2008, 18/11/2008 and 2/12/2008 were reviewed. It has now been decided in consultation with Department of Expenditure, to delete the condition that CCL can be availed only if the employee concerned has no Earned Leave at her credit, subject to the following conditions:-

  • (i) CCL may not be granted in more than 3 spells in a calendar year.
  • (ii) CCL may not be granted for less than 15 days.
  • (iii) CCL should not ordinarily be granted during the probation period except in case of certain extreme situations where the leave sanctioning authority is fully satisfied about the need of Child Care Leave to the probationer. It may also be ensured that the period for which this leave is sanctioned during probation is minimal.

3. It is reiterated that the leave is to be treated like Earned Leave and sanctioned as such.

4. These orders take effect from 1.9.2008. Earned Leave, if any, availed by women employees before availing CCL subsequent to the issue of the OM 13018/2/2008-Estt.(L) dated 18/11/2008 may be adjusted against CCL, if so requested by the employee.

5. Hindi version will follow.

(Simmi R.Nakra)

Original Copy

For your Reference :

Grant of Child Care Leave to women Government employees – Clarification – Regarding. – Dated : 29th September 2008

Recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission relating to enhancement of the quantum of the Maternity Leave and introduction of Child Care Leave in respect of Central Government employees. – Dated : 11th September 2008


  1. CCL Clarification
    My 23 year old daughter was disabled more than 40% disability and I applied for EL for her care from 7th May,2018 to 7th september, 2018 as she had a brain tumor. During this period the government vide notification no 13018/6/2013 – Estt. (L) dated 22/06/18 that there is no limit of age if the child is disabled and these order shall take effect from 13.06.18, so I joined and apply for CCL for 15 month on 10th september. During my CCL on 27th october, 2019 my daughter passed away and I joined my duty. Now i requested my department Food Corporation of India in December 2019 that as per the letter dated 22.06.2018 my EL from 13.06.2018 to 07.09.2018 may kindly be converted into CCL as per letter dated 222.06.2018, but my application has been rejected that the conversion from EL to CCL had to be applied with in a month as there is no any such condition of one month in any letter. Pl clarify.

  2. Kindly clarify whether Child Care Leave can be availed when my son is in Class 12th, but has completed 18 years of age His date of birth is 16/10/1998 and would appear for class 12 Board Exam in March 2017.

  3. kindly clarify whether child care leave can be availed when my daughter is in class 12th,but completed 18 years of age.her date of birth is 07/09?2000 and would appear for class 12 board in march 2019.

  4. kindly clarify upto 18 years ccl can be taken means.My daughters is now 17 years 7months old can I avail ccl please clarify

  5. What about the people whose children are above the age of 18 years ?? in stead of child care leave what leave they are elligible for ? can they avail family / home care leave for the same period of 2 years ?

  6. sir/madam
    my only child is 17 and is to take his medical entrance exams in may and june for that i have applied ccl from mid of april to june last but my officer is not granting it saying one of my collegue is going on LTC during this period please help me to get me throgh this.

  7. what is the age limit for availing child care leave?
    can ccl be taken if the child completes 12 th std.but not completed 18 yrs of age?

  8. I. am a Central Govt. Employee working on adhoc basis for the last 3 years continuous service without any break and have all the leave facilities like CL, RH, EL, Medical Leave and also Maternity Leave. Please let me know whether I am entitle for Child Care Leave or not.

  9. sir
    I want to know that can we take CCL if we are having Earned Leave to our credit I heard from some where that we can take CCL only after we have finish our EL. please give me a suitable reply.

  10. Please let me have the following clarifications on CCL

    1. On what account CCL is sanctioned for a female government employee ? Please enumerate.

    2. Please specify whether the female employee can avail CCL during vacations for tours other than their native place?

  11. i am railway employ whether I am eligible for LTC /Privileged free pass during Child care leave to enjoy holidays.

  12. Respected Sir
    My sincere thanks to Govt for CCL to Woman Govt Employees.
    I have two daughters the elder one completed her medical education and second one has now passed Std 12th. She has completed 17 years on 24 Apr 2012 and she wants to further perceive medical/engineering .The admission process is starting from 4th of Jun to 15 Jul 2012. I am working in MES GE (CME) Phugewadi Pune and applied for CCL for 54 days wef 4/6/12 regarding her admission process but GE denied for sanctioning of my CCL and I am very disappointed as I cant help out in her admission process. Please advice me what to do further for sanctioning of Child Care Leave.
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully,
    Mrs Mangal

  13. Sir,
    Please clarify, if the female Govt.Employee is having three surviving children, Child care leave is eligible for her and how to issue orders.

  14. sir
    please clarify whether govt servant working on ad-hoc for last 15 to 20 yrs are eligible for child care leave, please specify the circular/ order no if any


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