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CGDA : Retention in Govt. Service beyond the age of 50 years or on completion of 30 years of service


No.AN/II/2604/F R-56(j)/Q.E 03/2020


All PCsDA/PCA (Fy)/CsDA/AN-4 Section (local)
(Through CGDA website)

Subject : Retention in Govt. Service beyond the age of 50 years or on completion of 30 years of service- Sr.AOQs/AOs/AD(OL)/Sr.PS under FR-56(j)

In terms of Para 4, Appendix of DOP&T O.M. No. 25013/1/2013-Estt. (A) dated 21.03.2014 (copy enclosed), in order to ensure that the powers vested in the appropriate authority are exercised fairly and impartially and not arbitrarily, following procedure and guidelines have been prescribed for reviewing the cases of government employees covered under the aforesaid rules:

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(1) The cases of Govt. Servants covered by FR 56(j) or FR 56 (I) or Rule 48 (1)(b) of CCS (Pension) Rules should be reviewed six months before they attained the age of 50/55 years or complete 30 years’ service/30 years of qualifying service, whichever occurs earlier.

(ii) Committee shall be constituted in each Ministry/Department/Office to which all such cases shall be referred for recommendation as to whether the officer concerned should be retained in service or retired from service in the public interest.

2. In this connection, please refer to HQrs Office letter No. AN/II/02604/99 dated 13.09.1999 vide which all controllers were requested to review all cases covered under FR 56(j) at least 6 months in advance.

3. However, it has been observed that some of the controllers are not adhering the time line as stipulated in the aforesaid orders. It is found that review under FR 56(j) in respect of some SAOs/AOs who attaining the age of 50 years between January, 2020 to June, 2020 has not been carried out by the controller’s office.

4. It is therefore, requested to adhere strictly the time line mentioned in the aforesaid DOP&T orders and review all such cases at the earliest. Reviewed cases may be forwarded to HQrs office. If already forwarded, the same may be ignored.

(Amit Gupta)
Sr. Dy.CGDA (AN)

(Murari Kumar)
Accounts officer(AN)

Signed Copy

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