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Calendar for Cadre Review of Central Group “A’ Services: DOPT ORDER

Calendar for Cadre Review of Central Group “A’ Services

File No. 1-11019/18/2022-CRD
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
(Cadre Review Division)

Third Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
New Delhi- 110003.
Dated: 14th February, 2022


Sub: Calendar for Cadre Review of Central Group “A’ Services.

The undersigned is directed to say that Department of Personnel & Training (DoP&T) is the nodal agency of Government of India for personnel management policies. Cadre management and cadre review are primarily the concern of Cadre Controlling Authorities (CCAs) but the responsibility for laying down standards in the matter and co-ordination rests with DoP&T . Provisions governing the process of cadre review of Central Group ‘A Services were issued as consolidated guidelines vide Office Memorandum (OM) No. 1-11011/1/2009-CRD dated 14.12.2010 along with a Monograph. Under the said Guidelines, every cadre should be reviewed once in five years. The review should first be carried out by the CCA, preferably in consultation with the representative of the Service/cadre in question.

2. It has, however, been observed that despite repeated reminders and regular meetings with CCAs, the prescribed periodicity of cadre review is not followed . Prime reason for the delay being non-submission of cadre review proposal by the concerned CCA. With the objective to get one round of cadre review completed in 5 years for all the Services, this Department had issued a calendar in year 2018 , 2019 and 2021 for strict compliance. However, various CCAs citing one or other reason (which includes COVID pandemic) defaulted on the prescribed timeline laid down in the Calendars .

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3 For the Services where reviews are pending, a Calendar for year 2022 is being circulated for strict compliance by CCAs (Annexure). The deadline/month mentioned in the Calendar is the time by which the complete cadre review proposal should be submitted by the concerned CCAs to DoPT positively. There may be instances, where CCA does not require any change in cadre structure, in those cases also, the CCA may move the proposal for other changes, if required. If no changes are required at all, a certificate to this aspect may be sent to this Department with approval of Minister in-charge. DoPT may, however, take its own view on the same. Similarly, any request for extension of time may be sent with approval of Secretary.

4. It is well known that proposals involving creation of posts, restructuring, merger, encadrement etc. resulting in change of cadre strength of any Central Group ‘A’ Service are required to be considered during cadre review. Any creation of posts in these Services is through cadre review or in consultation with DoPT and DoE (in exigencies), which was reiterated in OM No. 1-11010/17/2016-CRD dated 15.02.2027 to all CCAs (with copy to OoE). Creation of posts and other measures outside cadre review, while cadre review is due, would not be supported and may result in freezing of the cadre strength for a specific period or even reduction.

5 There are Services which have been declared dying or where few posts are left. Status of such Services and pending issues may be brought to the notice of this Department immediately by concerned CCA but not later than the month prescribed in the Calendar . These Services include Indian Supply Service, Indian Inspection Service, Indian Broadcasting Engineering Service, Indian Broadcasting Programme Service etc.

6. There may be cases where due to court cases the submission of cadre review proposal is delayed or Orders of Court for cadre review. All such instances should be brought to the notice of this Department immediately with full details of the directions of the Court without waiting for time/month prescribed in the Calendar. It need not be emphasized that the CCA must ensure compliance of the Order of the Court for avoiding any complexities later.

7. CCA with Service pending for cadre review prior to January 2022 may submit the proposal earlier than the prescribed time/month in the Calendar . CCA with Service whose cadre review will be due in 2022 should start the preparation of proposal to ensure timely submission by the prescribed month or even earlier.

8. A nodal officer (not below the rank of Joint Secretary) may be nominated by each CCA for matters related to cadre review and for ensuring compliance of the timeline given in the Calendar. Name of the nodal officer may be provided within one month to this Department.

9. For any clarification/guidance in submission/finalisation of proposal, the CCA may contact the undersigned (Tel: 24624863 ) or Under Secretary (Shri Randhir Kumar, Tel:24653972 ) posted in Cadre Review Division of DoPT.

(Dr. Harmit Singh PahuJa)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

The Secretaries of the Ministry/Department concerned

Copy to:

(i) Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure (Attn: Smt. Annie George Mathew, Special Secretary (Pers.), North Block, New Delhi with request that the proposal of creation etc. in these Central Group ‘A’ Services whose name is appearing in the Calendar may be processed only in consultation with DoPT.

(ii) Joint Secretary (Estt.), DoP&T, North Block, New Delhi with request that comments of Cadre Review Division be also obtained while examining any request of change in cadre strength/grade-wise strength of the Services whose name is appearing in the Calendar.

(OM No. 1-11019/18/2022-CRD dated 14th February, 2022)

Month Name of the Service Concerned Ministry/Department
Up to March, 2022 Indian Revenue Service Department of Revenue
  Indian Legal Service Department of Legal Affairs
  Central Engineering Service M/o Housing and Urban Affairs
  Central Electrical and Mechanical Service (CPWD) M/o Housing and Urban Affairs
  Central Architect Service M/o Housing and Urban Affairs
  Central Labour Service M/o L&E
  Defence Quality Assurance Service D/o Defence Production
  Defence Aeronautical Quality Assurance Service
  Indian Postal Service D/o Posts
  Border Roads Engineering Service D/o Defence
  Indian Naval Material Management Service D/o Defence
  Indian Defence Accounts Service D/o Defence
  Review of progress till March end
Up to June, 2022 Central Water Engineering Service M/o Jal Shakti
  Indian Audit & Accounts Service C&AG
  Indian Information Service M/o l&B
  Indian Trade Service M/o Commerce
  Indian Statistical Service MoSPI
  Review of progress till June end
Up to September, 2022 Indian P&T Accounts & Finance Service D/o Telecommunications
  Defence Research and Development Service D/o Defence Research and Development
  Indian Meteorological Service M/o Earth Sciences
  Indian Ordnance Factories Service D/o Defence Production
  Indian Enterprise Development Service (IEDS) M/o MSME
  Indian Telecommunication Service D/o Telecommunications
  Indian Supply Service D/o Commerce
  Indian Inspection Service D/o Commerce
  Indian Broadcasting Engineering Service M/o Information & Broadcastinq
  Indian Broadcasting Programme Service M/o Information & Broadcastinq
  Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) (Group ‘A’ Combatised) MHA
  Review of progress till December end
  Meetings with CCAs and finalization of all proposals pending

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