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Bunching benefit in Pay Band 1 Grade Pay 1800

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Bunching benefit in Pay Band 1 Grade Pay 1800

As per the 7th Pay Commission Report in page 80 para 5.1.36, it has clearly stated that rationalisation has been done with utmost care to ensure minimum bunching at most levels, however if situation does arise whenever more than two stages are bunched together, one additional increment equal to 3 percent may be given for every two stages bunched, and pay fixed in the subsequent cell in the pay matrix.

According to the above statement, we have prepared new bunching table. Here we have noticed 2 bunching in Pay Band I –  Grade Pay 1800,

Example :
For both Basic Pay of Rs. 7210 & Rs.7430 we can see 19100 in the calculation based on 2.57 fixation as per pay matrix. In this case we have to fix the Pay as below

Pay in the pay band Grade pay 6th cpc Basic pay Multiplication Factor Multiplied Result Rounded to nearest stage as per 7cpc fitment table 7th CPC New basic pay (Bunching adjusted)
5410 1800 7210 2.57 18530 19100 19100
5630 1800 7430 2.57 19095 19100 19700

Source : Govtempdiary.com

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  1. Bunching benefit also require Grade pay Rs 2400 and band pay Rs 9810.Pls update bunching calculator for all grade pay

  2. what doest it mean ” more than two stages”? I think this benfit has to given in all cases where there is a case of direct recruit. Because basic pay of a promotee and a direct recruit does not match mostly.


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