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All India Bank Strike on 26th Dec 2018

All India Bank Strike on 26th Dec 2018

Right from the day the Government of India announced their decision on 17th September, 2018 to amalgamate Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank, we have been holding protest demonstrations opposing this unwarranted move. In a country like India, where the Government itself is talking of reaching all people under banking system, what we need is expansion of banking sector and not amalgamation and consolidation. Banking density in India is one of the lowest in the world. There is so much of space for banks to expand and reach all sections of the people. Hence merger of Banks or amalgamation of banks with a view to consolidate the Banking sector is unnecessary and illogical.

There is no evidence so far that consolidation of Banks would result in any benefit. Even the mega merger of 6 Banks with State Bank of India undertaken last year has not resulted in any benefit to SBI. On the other hand, SBI is having compulsions of branch closures and restructuring of their operations. SBI is also facing enhanced stress of bad loans. It had slipped into losses after the merger. We are also witnessing shrinkage in employment potential in SBI because merger has resulted in surplus staff.


Even in the case of Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank, the only major problem faced by these Banks is their high level of bad loans. Merger or amalgamation is no solution to recover these bad loans. In fact, under the merged entity, the recovery is bound to go haywire.

Unfortunately, the Government is bent on implementing their policy of privatization and consolidation of Banks. Despite our strong protests, these three Banks are appearing to go ahead with the merger. Hence in order to register our protest and to draw public and political attention, UFBU has decided to give the call for observing one day strike on 26th December, 2018.


10/12/2018 Letter to Finance Minister
10/12/2018 UFBU to serve Strike Notice on IBA on 10-12-2018
12/12/2018 Display of poster before all bank branches/offices
13-12-2018 Demonstrations before all branches
18-12-2018 Badge Wearing
24-12-2018 Centralised Demonstrations
26-12-2018 All India Strike

All our unions and members are requested to implement the programmes successfully.

Source : http://aipnbsf.org



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