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AIBEA & BEFI will go on strike on 8th and 9th January 2019

AIBEA & BEFI will go on strike on 8th and 9th January 2019aibea



Dear Comrades,

Join the struggle of the working class
Join the General Strike on 8th and 9th January, 2019

Join the millions in opposing the anti-people economic policies
and anti-worker labour policies of the Central Government

All our Unions and members are aware that in the wake of increasing and aggressive attempts of the Central Government to pursue anti-people and anti-worker policies, the lives and living conditions of the masses and workers are getting degraded on the one hand and at the same time, the Government is busy in pursuing pro-corporate policies to benefit the rich. Unabated price rise, aggravated unemployment, crisis in agriculture sector leading to farmers’ suicide, sluggish industrial production, deteriorating wage level, enlarged poverty but 1% of the super rich cornering 73% of the total wealth of the country is the economic reality today. Economic reforms, banking reforms, land reforms and banking reforms are their solution to the problem knowing too well that it will only worsen the plight of the poor and the working masses. All their election promises are gone with the wind. There are only repeated empty slogans.

The working people who spearhead the fight against these wrong policies have become the target now. Labour reforms is the Government’s priority. Labour laws and our hard-won labour rights are sought to be trampled under to favour the greedy profiteers and employers. Permanent jobs are evaporating and casual, temporary, outsourced, contractual and fixed terms jobs are in the offing as a policy of the Government.

Banking sector has become their special target. Public Sector Banks which deal with huge public savings are sought to be privatized. Adequate capital is being denied forcing the Banks to beg for private capital. Instead of recovering the huge bad loans due from the corporates, our Banks are sought to be merged to create big banks which would become a fertile hunting ground for these corporates to further loot the people’s savings. On the one hand concessions are rolled out to the corporate delinquents in the name of insolvency proceedings forcing banks to suffer huge haircuts and on the other hand, this burden of bad loans is put on the shoulders of the common banking public through penalty charges and indiscriminate service charges.

In this disturbing scenario, it is imperative and important that these attacks and attempts are fought back. That is why AIBEA and BEFI wholeheartedly welcome the declaration and decision of the National Trade Union Convention to organize mass protest actions against these offensives and to undertake a massive national General Strike on 8th and 9th January, 2019.

Accordingly AIBEA and BEFI have decided to join and participate in this important united strike action of the working class and trade union movement of the country. We have also served a joint Strike Notice on the Indian Banks Association. We call upon all our members all over the country to participate in the strike and make it a success.



• The call given by National Trade Union Convention of Central Trade Unions and various independent sectorwise Trade Union Federations.


• Anti-people economic policies and anti-worker labour policies of the Central Government

• Banking reform measures – attempts to reduce Government’s equity capital in public sector banks, reduction of Government’s capital in IDBI Bank to less than 51%, attempts of privatisation of PSBs, attempts to amalgamate, merge and consolidate Banks, concessions given to corporate defaulters in the name resolution of bad loans and burdening the common poor by all sorts of penalty and higher service charges to offset the loss to the Banks on account of loss due to bad loans

• Outsourcing and contracatualising permanent jobs in Banks.


• Strengthening of public sector banks

• Adequate recruitments in Banks



Source : http://www.befi.in



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