7th Pay Commission Pension & Arrears Calculator

7th CPC Pension & Arrears Calculator – Updated on 6th Aug 2016


  1. ISAVITRI VERMA RETRD on supernuation completing 34yrs 3 month. On 30.6.200 my pension was not fixed giving one increment from July 2009 as per rule. I am the looser on every step ignoring my seniority in service , not. Giving me the arrear from January 2016 according to seventh pay commission. I retired from GAD, GNCTD. Mobile 9871862666.why you are ignoring my request.

  2. This is a reminder of my request made in in thr month of March 28& 29 ,April 1, 6 & 27. /No reply. WHen you will listen.SAVITRI VERMA

  3. The comments above are not comments. They are queries regarding their service benefits, especially the pension benefits. They might be thinking that this floor is mediating with concerned departments and attending their grievances. When the fact is otherwise, why do you invite or display these comments? I pity those people who think that they can expect answers and remedies from you. Make a note to the effect that nothing like remedial measures are available in the forum.


  4. Sir

    I retired on 31/10/2016 my basic was 52000/pension was 2600/on revision pension what is my basic pension and how much Arres I get please calify

  5. I SAVITRI VERMA Remined that no arrear as per seventh pay commission from 1st Jan 2016 onward is not deposited in my bank account. I rtd fron GAD,GNCTD my mMobileNo. 9871862666. Resd A2/296, Janakpuri,New Delhi.

  6. I SAVITRI VERMA Rtd employee of GNCT DELHI on my request to consider my arrear from the period I.e. From 1st January 1916 onward according to seventh pay commission (I rtd on 30.6.2009) with full service 34 y sr 3 months 14 days (date of joining is 19.3.1975) . At retirement my pay scale was (9300-34180) +Grade pay 4800.I rtd from the DEptt of HOME GNCTD. I was drawing my pay FROM GAD GNCT DELHI. HOw much time you will take to calculate the arrear and the benefit of ACP, MACP as per Seventh pAy commission. My mobile no. 9871862666, A2/296,janakpuriNew Delhi.Do not Say to my request as old comments

  7. I SAVITRI VERMAfighting for my promotion, for my seniority. No. Not getting pay fixation as per rules throughout my service from date of joining (19.3.1975) till retirement (30.6.2009), and now for the arrears as per 7th pay comm.Mr.kulanand Joshi, Mr Ajay Chagati and other secretary in GAD,as well as service DEptt I personally met them and requested them . GNCTD. MY address is A 2/296, Janakpuri, N.Delhi. M?No.9871862666

  8. My name is charan kaur bank A/c no. 0128000300540148 (punjab national bank) And my ppo no. PN /PAO /SECTT./MHA/951. But I could not receive the 7th pay commission ‘s arrears. I am verry disabled women. Please help me

  9. I SAVITRI VERMA Here remind you that Only one ACP was given in full service of 34yrs 3month. First promotion was given after 22yrs. BEfore retiring as per the sixth pay commission after 30yrs completion of service not be considered reminding personally to superintendent of GAD. I completed 30 yrs on 19.3.2005. I rtd on 30.6.2009 without granting me one increment while calculating my pension. DUring my service I met several times to Mr. AJay Chagati in service DEptt. NO one has time to hear the problems of staffs.

    • Reminder. No action on our request madeI request Mr D.N.Singh Sp.. Secretary Home may consider on my request.Savitri VERMA. 9871862666 A2/296 Janakpuri N D

      • I Savitri Verma retired 71 yrs old unable to visit sachivilaya *GDA ,to know about my arrears from January 2016 not deposited in my bank account.I came to know that some one is getting my all dues salary on my behalf but not reaching to me. I retired on 30.6.2009 Mr.D?N?Singh you know me when I was working in GURU NANAK EYE CENTRE. My mobile no.9871862666

  10. I Savitri Verma rtd on 30.6.2009. On sac ale 9300-34800+4800 drawing basic 20920 in post of SR?PA/PS from home DEptt ,GAD,GNCTD Date of joining in service was 19.3.1975 full service 34yrs3months 14 days. Not getting full pension as per sixth pay comm recommendation and pension fixed 50 percent basis. Also not arrear from 2016 onward is given not deposited in my bank account. My mobile 9871862666. PLease consider it.

    • ISAvitriverma, want to say that from the year 2007All my dues salary DA arrears are being deposited/Paid. To some others account by accounts DEPTT. SO please check it from Mualna Azad Medical College accounts office . WEare senior citizen rtd in 2009, 30thJune. Joined service on 19.3.1975 Reply on my mobile 9871862666

  11. I have been granted service element of disability pension wef 28/12/1973 for life. As per ppo Rs. 3500/-pm paid to me from 01/01/2006 to 30/06/2014 $ Rs. 6875/-pm from 01/07/2014 to 31/12/2015.As per OROP cir. No. 555 table no. 7 what should be my revised pension according to 7th.CPC.My Q. S. 02yrs04mths18days..

  12. My basic at the time of my retirement was Rs 51910/= ( basic + grade pay ) & I retired on 31 Oct 2013, from my pension an amount of Rs 10382/- is deducted as commutation,I have put up thirty four years & one month in central Govt .When my commutation amount will added to my pension.

  13. I retired on 31.07.2016, at the time of retirement Pension was fixed as 9495. What will be my New Pension as 7th Pay Commission, will u please describe. Thanking you

  14. I retired,on 31/01/2016. At the time of retirement,my pension fixed as Rs 22550. I retired fm IAF as jwo.What will be my (new)(7th)pay commission, pension.Will u please,discribe,me. Thanking you!



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