7th Pay Commission OPTION FORM Calculator

7th Pay Commission Option Advisor based on Gazetted notification (26/7/2016)



  1. Sir I am trying a lot fix my basic in option2 with my basic of 11710/-in January 2016 and 12070/-in July 2016 but no body is understanding and asking a letter to make fixation in option 2

  2. Sir,I am posted in RRVUNL as Technician-II.My basic is Rs.12490/- 01.01.2016 (9690+2800).Sir my IInd ACP is 26.12.2018. Can I select option date 26.12.2018 ? Please inform me my fixation salary amount.

  3. Sir i Subhash and working as a rajasthan employee post -udc. Sir. My basic on 01.10.2017 is 16140 please reply my best option date

  4. what option shall I take ?January or march? my increment falls on March .my basic in january is 18840+4800.In march 2016 it has become 19550+4800.which option will be beneficial for me.I am an employee in govt.of odisha.

  5. Sir this application is not having 3400 grade pay and so i m not able to find out for selection of option for pay fixtation
    Pls send my upgraded calculator which is having grade pay of 3400.

    Grade pay 3400 is applicable to defence personnel only .

    Urgent plz

  6. My new basic pay is rs 211800 , with 20 percent NPA allowance ( work as faculty of medicine ) ,my new NPA will be rs 42,360/ ..total of BASIC PAY PLUS NPA is rs .2,54,160 / but saw the Govt order for NPA ,is subject to a celing of rs .2,37,500 .Does this mean for the next 10 yrs I wont ever get a raise ??

  7. The method of calculation is very simple and useful to all. thankyoufor the same. But there is a doubt that wheather Dearness pay is to be included along with the basic pay or not while calculating revised pension those who retired pre-2006. kindly confirm.

  8. Today is the last day of FY 2016_2017. But the pensioners of autonomous bodies still in dark about their fate reg revision of pension. SABKA SATH SABKA VIKAS will fail if lakh of pensioners old aged citizen are left out of their legitimate right . Hon’ble Prime Minister may kindly intervene as savior

  9. Sir my basic+gp 13060 on 01-jan-2016 according to 6 cpc (Gp 2400/-) and get promotion on 28.o6.2016 in gp 2800
    so what is beneficial to choose revise pay form next increment date i.e. 01-july-2016 or jan, what will be the basic pay fixed according to 7th cpc.

  10. We the pensioner of autonomous bodies funded by cgvt are till left out by finmin from getting dar. What a shameful act from finmin.


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