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  1. Calculator is wrong if a person is taking 22800 basic with 4600 GP then his pay will be on 1st Jan 59736 and will be on 1 July 61528 but this calculator showing 60400

    • Hi,

      Calculator is correct

      Please calculate with 2.57 multiplication, all the calculations will be based on 2.57 only not 2.62

  2. There is no need to include expected DA (2% in 7th pay) as DA from Jan.2016 to June 2016 not included in 6th pay

  3. Hi
    How come the basic pay shows higher when lower pay band selected.
    Example BP+GP = Rs. 28,600/- for the pay band Rs.9,300 – 34,800 7th pay commission pay shown as Rs.75,600 pay level 9.
    For the same Rs.28,600/- for the pay band 15,800 – 39,100 the 7th pay commission fixation shows Rs. 75,400/- as pay level 10.
    Is the calculation correct?

  4. Kindly calculate upto July 2016 instead of jun 16 bcoz arrs upto july will be paid with salary of Aug 16 and ignore 2% DA as presently there is no need. It will be effective in the month of Oct 16.

  5. my date of appointment is 08.06.1990, my PB+GP is 25570, increment due on 01.07.2016. as per your calculator .please calculate the pay as per 7th pay commission
    .whether,date of increment in my case be considered 01.01.2016 accordingly my date of appointment i.e 08th June.

    R P Singh

  6. Csir employees & pensioners are eagerly looking forward for order.Is csir governing body looking forward for suicide from pensioner ?

  7. My 6 pay basic 01.01.16 ko 10010+2400 thi 13.4 16 ko 4200 Gp me promotion hua to 7cpc me basic kya hogi

  8. Naveen kumar yadav says 20/02/2018 At 10:36 pm

    My 6cpc basic 01/01/2016 ki

    8230+1900=10130 thi

    29/04/2016 ko2400/-GP me promotion hua to 7cpc me meri basic Kya hogi

  9. Naveen kumar yadav says 20/02/2018

    My 6cpc basic 01/01/2016ki

    8230+1900=10130 thi

    29/04/2016 ko 2400/-GP me promotion hua to 7cpc me meri basic Kya hogi

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