7th Pay Commission Calculator for Military Nursing Service (MNS)

7th Pay Commission Calculator for Military Nursing Service (MNS)


  1. Thanks a ton shiv.. ..
    A point to add MNS officers often scum injuries while treating jawans including AIDS hepatitis B and other life threatening diseases a point TO CONSIDER

  2. Really Indian Male will not show maturity if it is a matter of female. I read all the comments about women and MNS officers. Nobody support them, specially army people. It feel like that they are jealous to them. Few points must read :

    1) MNS officers are mostly employed for 14 years and they are also not eligible for pension whereas all others in army are eligible.

    2) Many military male raises questions for the death troll of MNS officers during war and other fights, but they forget , MNS are employed to save you and your family. And life saving is more holy work on earth.

    3) MNS officers are also posted in J& K , Siachin and other parts of India which is not safe for all. But along with Jawans , they All are posted without any mercy.

    4) MNS officers are more qualified then all the Jawans and other officers also. Officers eligibility is graduation 10+2+3 whereas , they are graduated by 10+2+4 along with experience. So they are highly educated in defence job. They also incur huge fees for their study of Nursing course.

    5)Duty timing is also very odd for them but they have no complaints.

    6) In all the areas they are best but then also they had not been considered for New Army Pay Rule 2017. But still they have not raised any questions.

    So if we go in details there are a lot of things could go in favor of MNS officers but it has no use if Jawans does not respect them and officers help them instead of pulling their legs.

  3. NOTE ! VII CPC OLD PENSION SUPER BENIFITE ?Recovery of excess payments made to pensioners

    Recovery of excess payments made to pensioners RESERVE BANK OF INDIA http://WWW.rbi.org.in RBI/2015-16/340 DGBA.GAD.NO.2960/45.01.011/2015-16 March 17,2016 The Chairman/chief Executive Officer All Agency Banks Dear sir, Recovery of excess payments made to pensioners We have been receiving complaints from pensioners stating that the recovery of excess/wrong pension payments are being made in a manner that is not in keeping with the extant guidelines. In this connection, the…MY ID REMOVED



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