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7th Pay Commission Allowances – Finmin invited NJCA to discuss on 01.09.2016

7th Pay Commission Allowances – Finmin invited NJCA to discuss on 01.09.2016

Department of Expenditure
(Implementation Cell)

Room No.216, Hotel Ashok,
Chankyapuri, New Delhi,
Dated :22/23.08.2016

Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra
Secretary, National Council (Staff Side), JCM
13C, Feroz Shah Road,
New Delhi.

Subject: Second Meeting of the Committee constituted to examine the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission regarding Allowances.


I am directed to inform that the 2nd Meeting of the Committee on Allowances will be held on 01st September, 2016 at 3.00 PM in Room No.72, North Block, New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Finance Secretary & Secretary (Expenditure).

2. I am further directed to inform that the Committee on Allowances has desired to meet the representatives of the National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) in the aforesaid meeting to obtain their views on the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission relating to allowances.

3. You are, therefore, requested to attend the aforesaid meeting with their members of Standing Committee of National Council Staff Side (JCM). The names of the members attending the meeting may please be sent on or before 29th August, 2016 to the undersigned so that necessary arrangements can be made.

Yours sincerely,

(Abhay N.Sahay)
Under Secretary (IC-7th CPC)

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  1. Respected Mishra Ji,
    As per 7CPC recommendation is accepting the fixation of pension in respect of pre 2016 pensioners with the option 2 ie with fitment factor of 2.57whereas for 1st option which is based on maximum of the level in the pay matrix corresponding to applicable grade pay in the payband. The question is whether the government will agree for option no one.The Government says,fixation will be done if feasible after the report of special committee established.It is my humble request to please every effort should be made to make it feasible.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Respected Mishra Hi,
    As per 7cpc recommendation two options for fixing pension for pensioners ,The Government is agreeing to pay with option 2 or with fitment factor of 2.57,but for 1st option another committee is being set up with a condition to pay if feasible , what does it means,it may be feasible or not feasible,how it should make feasible.

  3. Respected Mishra Ji,
    It is high time not to get trapped in clever net of these cunning interlocutors who had denied legitimate right of large number of Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ employees by denying MACP in Promotional Hierarchy of individual’s cadre hierarchy for over decade. Height of injustice is that these employees are also denied option for choosing MACP or ACP. You are humbly requested to emphasize that first settle pending issues of 6th CPC before moving to gamut of new issues created by 7th CPC. Thanking you in anticipation,
    RB Singh, Asstt. Director, IS&H.


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