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7th CPC Pay fixation of SCS / Non-SCS officers promoted to IAS

7th CPC Pay fixation of SCS / Non-SCS officers promoted to IAS

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension
Department of Personnel & Training

New Delhi, dated the 28th February, 2019

The Chief Secretaries of all States/UTs

Subject: Pay fixation of SCS/Non-SCS officers promoted to IAS subsequent to the implementation of 7th CPC recommendations – reg.


In supersession of this Department’s letter of even number dated the 7th April , 2017 on the above mentioned subject, I am directed to say that the initial pay of a promoted officer or an officer appointed by selection as the case may be shall be fixed at the stage of the senior scale next above his actual pay. There is no provision of increment at the stage of initial fixation.

2. Rule 5(6) of IAS (Pay) Rules, 2016 provides for the fixation of pay of a Member of Service on promotion to Selection Grade (Level-13) of Pay Matrix by adding one increment in the Level-12 of Pay Matrix and two additional increments in the Level 13 to which he is promoted. Rule 5(5) of IAS (Pay) Rules, 2016 provides that the pay of a member of the Service in the Senior Time Scale shall, on promotion to the Junior Administrative Grade be fixed in Level 12 of the Pay Matrix.

3. In respect of fixation of pay of officers who were promoted/Selected in IAS through SCS/Non-SCS respectively in Senior Time Scale/Junior Administrative Grade after 01.01.2016, the initial pay shall be fixed in the respective level of the Senior Scale i.e Level 11,12 or 13 based on the year of allotment in the IAS. However, the pay drawn in the State Civil Services will be protected in the concerned Level. An illustration is as under:

Shri X who is drawing pay at Rs. 48920 (Rs.40220 [pay in the pay band + GP Rs.8700] is promoted/selected to IAS on 04.03.2016. He is allotted 2010 batch. The pay on promotion/selection to IAS would be as under:

S.No Title Pay Fixation
1 Last pay drawn by the officer in the State (as on 04.03.2016) Rs. 48920/-
2 Date of promotion in IAS 04.03.2016
3 Year of allotment 2010
4 Pay fixation in IAS as on 04.03.2016 as over 7th CPC (The officer has the option either to get the pay fixed from the date of promotion or from the date of annual increment) Ra. 48920 X 2.57 = 125725. Next stage available at Level 11 is 126300/-
5 Pay fixed in IAS Rs. 126300 at Level 11 in the Pay Matrix

4. The pay of IAS officers who were promoted/selected in IAS through SCS/Non-SCS respectively prior to 0 l .0 l.2016 wil1 be converted as per 7th CPC on 01.01.2016 and they shall notionally in the Level of Pay Matrix, in accordance with the length of service as per their allotment year, at the stage of the senior scale. On their actual promotion to JAG/Selection Grade, the pay of these officers will then be fixed as per IAS (Pay) Rules, 2016. That is, the officers will be eligible for two additional increments on their actual promotions to Level 12/ Level 13 after completion of 9/13 years of service in IAS respectively. An Illustration is as under:

Date of appointment in IAS 23.2.2015
Year of allotment in IAS 2007
Actual promotion of JAG in IAS as on 01.01.2016 Pay to be re-fixed as under:
Last substantive pay in SCS Rs. 46100 in PB-4 (37400-67000) + 8700
Pay to be arrived at As per IAS (Pay) Rules, 2007, after grant of one increment @ 3% pay to be fixed is Rs.47483vin PB-4 with GP 8700
Pay as on 23.2.2015 Rs.47483 in PB-4 + GP 8700
Pay as on 01.01.2016 (as per 7th CPC) Rs. 47483 x 2.57 = 122032.
Length of Service in IAS in accordance with the allotent year assigned 7 years. As the office has only 7 sever years of residency in IAS, after protection of his pay, he shall be placed at 122600 in Level 11 of the Pay Matrix.
Pay to be reckoned for fixation of pay in JAG Rs. 122600 Level 11
One increment at the Junior level 126300 at Level 11
Placement after grant of one increment in the lower level. 130400 at Level 2
Two increments at the promoted Level (Level 12) 1st increment = 134300 at Level 12
2nd increment = 138300 at Level 12
Pay to be fixed on actual promotion to JAG in IAS Rs. 138300 at Level 12

5. The provision contained in part (7) of Schedule-I of IAS (Pay) Rules, 2016, which provides that “Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, the pay of a promoted officer or an officer appointed by selection, as the case may be, shall not at any time exceed the basic pay which he would have drawn as a direct recruit on that date if he had been appointed to the Indian Administrative Service on the date on which he was appointed to the State Civil Service or in a Gazetted post in the non-State Civil Service, after attaining the age of twenty five years, as the case may be” shall be adhered to.

6. This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

Yours faithfully,

(Vasanthi V Babu)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

Signed Copy



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