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Refer DOPPW Concordance Table Order for more details

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  1. The autonomous institutions like NITs pensioners are not sanctioned VII Cpc orders released by Ministry of pension ipite ofrepeatdrequest from NITs so for.kindly take up this issue at the earliest since a number of pensioners are at the fag end of life and badly in need of financial support. The Ministry of MHRD is delaying very much to elease the order. Kindly look at the same.
    Thakng you

    JOINING DATE ; 14.03.1946
    RETAIRED DT : 30.11.1987
    DATE OF BIRTH: 11..1929
    EXPIRED DT : 03.10.2012
    PEN FOR SEP 2012 : BASIC-7683, DA-5993, MED-300, OTHERS-1537 = TOTAL = 15513
    PAY BAND – 5200-20200
    GP – 1800

  3. In continuation with my comments I wish to state that at the time of retirement both employees of GP 7600& 6600 got same pay & even after multiplying factor of 2.57 got same pension. Then why pensioner having GP6600 & 5400 will get much more than GP of 7600.
    Similar situation may arise for other pensioners
    Would appreciate to receive views/ reply/comments

  4. I retired on 30/06/2011 in GP 7600 & last pay drawn was Rs 35520 & Rs 17760was basic pension.As per concordance table I would get revised pension Rs 45700/  If my GP was lower say 6600 then my pension would have been fixed at Rs 46900/ much higher & GP Rs 5400 corresponded to 46350/. Why pension decreased when GP increased. Is there anamoly in Concordance/ Fitment table dtd 6/7/2017 issued by Min Of Pension . Kindly intimate views/ comments

    • Sir your pension is not revised correct because of u r retired from 7600 Grade Pay and pay is 35220 so your pay will be fixed in level 11(viz G.P. 760) & basic pay to be fixed 91400, after that your your pension will be fixed w.e.f. 01.01.2016 Rs. 45,800/- only and I think u r entitlement for arrear to the same date.

  5. I retired on 31/3/2014 and pay was 27900 and pension was Rs13950 and I retired in the scale f Rs9300.34800 grade pay Rs 4800 . Grade pay of the post in I retired is now upgraded aszRs5400 from 1/1/2016 . Pl let me know my pension and can get benifit of upgradation of grsde pay while fixation

  6. My basic pay including GP 14270 and I am seen your table mensiton Rs 14200 where I am fix in which table..

  7. Organisation concerned can collect the copy of the order and submit the same to Director Pension Grievances Cell New Delhi for causing issue of the applicability.At present orders are issued respecting pensioners who are governed by CCS(Pension Rules)1972 for central government pensioners…Even with the opinion now furnished, if court cases are pending, decision from the judiciary may kindly be sought for.Hoping the points setforth may be of some use to few aggrieved organisations….Regards….

  8. Autonomous bodies contribution to this country is enormous but the Government is forgetting it. Functional autonomy is given for its day today functioning without governments interferance. rance. They are/were central Government Employees prior to Autonomous status. There are plenty of ruling of our Apex Court that pension is right guaranteed under the Constitution. Holding it without proper reason is wrong under the law.

  9. I am a kv retired teacher..For us 7th CPC not given yet.No DA /DR given from July 2016..As per January 2016 we are getting our pension.


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