e-Service Book has been introduced with the support of Administrative Project Group of NIC during the year 2009 to facilitate electronic maintenance of service books (based on new service book formats prescribed by DoPT) under the 100-day Programme of the Government for Central Ministries/ Departments based in Delhi. During the year 2010, this project has been expanded further to include President Secretariat, Vice President Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet Secretariat, Planning Commission and Ministries of Defence and Finance.

The initiation of the task of preparing e-Service Books for employees has been completed for over 26000 employees from 78 Ministries/Departments & 5 Apex Organization, whose basic employee data was made available by respective Ministries/ Departments to DoPT. The Joint Secretary (Administration) from each Ministry / Department have been provided access privilege to enable them to have access to the service book data of employees.

Name based e-mail IDs have been created for over 26000 employees of Ministries and Departments including DoPT, in the NICNET Mail server, to enable them access their respective e-Service Books.

A web page http://persmin.gov.in/esb123.html has also been created on the website (http://persmin.gov.in) to publish day to day communications related to the e-Service Book project for the benefit of all Ministries/ Departments, which are implementing the project.

For the long term sustainability of the facility, this Department is preparing a Plan Scheme. The Feasibility Report for the same has been approved in principle by the Planning Commission.

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