Forms & Downloads

Pensioners Forms
Pensioners Life CertificateClick here
Re-Marriage/Marriage Certificate Click here

GPF Advance FormClick here
GPF Withdrawal FormClick here
GPF Nomination FormClick here
Form for Conversion OF GPF Advance into a Final Withdrawal
Click here
GPF Final PaymentClick here

Application Form for CGHS Card for Employees
Click Here
Application Form for CGHS Card for PENSIONERS
Click Here

PRAN - Permanent Retirement Account Number
1.Application for Allotment of Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) (Annexure S1)Click here
2.Request for Activation of Tier-II account under New Pension System (NPS) (Annexure UOS-S10 )Click here
3.Withdrawal form for Tier II account under NPS (AnnexureUOS-S12)Click here
4.Covering Letter with Subscriber Registration Application Form - PAO (Annexure S6)Click here
5.Covering letter for Subscriber Registration Application Form -DDO (Annexure S5)Click here


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