CGHS Helpline Number – 24×7 National CGHS Helpline

CGHS Helpline Number – 24×7 National CGHS Helpline

A 24×7 National CGHS Helpline service is available on a toll free number 18002088900. It is a bilingual (Hindi and English) service which is universally accessible (through landline or mobile of any service provider).
The beneficiaries can seek all CGHS service related information through this Helpline

CGHS Helpline toll free number : 18002088900

The Helpline provides information on queries in the following areas

General information on CGHS: Names and addresses of the Wellness Centers and their timings, addresses of 24×7 Wellness Centers, contact details of the CMOs In charge of these Centers, Contact Details of other officials etc.

Facilities: What all facilities a CGHS beneficiary and his dependants are entitled to if living in a CGHS covered area and a non CGHS area.

CGHS eligibility: Who all are eligible for the CGHS services including the eligibility conditions of dependant family members?

CGHS entitlement: What contribution a beneficiary (serving and pensioner) has to pay according to the pay scale/pension, what is the Ward entitlement of the beneficiary?

Related to Plastic card: What is the procedure for getting a plastic card made for serving and pensioner beneficiary, addition and deletion of names in the card, validity of the card and transfer of the card, loss of the card etc.

Issue of medicines including Life Saving medicines: Procedure of issuing of medicines from the Wellness Center, Authorized Local Chemist, Medical store Depot. Documents required for issuing of life saving medicines, issuing of medicines in emergency, admissible and non admissible items, issuing of medicines for longer durations, procedure for indenting and issuing the medicines not available in the Wellness Center etc.

Permissions for investigations/procedures: Whether the permissions are required or not required, who is the authority for granting the permission, what is the procedure for getting permission, the documents required for permission etc.

Hospitalization: Hospitalization in emergency, CGHS rates for investigations and procedures, entitlement for cashless facility, procedure for referral, permissions for hospitalization etc.

Medical Reimbursement Claims: Documents required to be submitted with the MRCs, procedure for submission of MRC, filling of the MRC, information on procedure to t rack status of a claim, clarifications on non reimbursement of a particular item/ claim etc.

Health Care Organization (HCO) empanelment: Names of Health Care organizations on the panel of CGHS, facilities for which empanelled, contact details of the Hospital authorities, the Accreditation status of the HCO etc.

Guidance on grievance redressal mechanism and RTI issues and

Any other CGHS related information