Advance Amount for Government Employees

Advance Amount for Government Employees

Government Employees get advance amount for the following purposes:

There are two types of allowances available..
1. Interest Free Advance
2. Interest based Advances.

1. Interest-free Advances:

1. Advance of Pay on transfer.
2. Leave Salary Advance.
3. Advance of LTC.
4. Advance of T.A. on tour / transfer / retirement.
5. Advance of T.A. to the family of a deceased Government servant.
6. Advance for purchase of bicycle / warm clothing.
7. Advance in connection with medical treatment.
8. Festival Advance.
9. Advance in the event of natural calamity like flood, drought, cyclone, etc.
10. Advance on first appointment / deputation and leave ex-India.
11. Advance in connection with legal proceedings.
12. Advance for training in Hindi through Correspondence Course.

2. Interest-based Advances:

1. Advance for purchase of Personal Computer.
2. Advance to Postal and RMS Inspectors for purchase of typewriter.
3. Advance for purchase of conveyance, i.e., motor car, motor cycle/ moped, scooter.
4. Advance for construction / purchase of house / flat / enlargement of living accommodation.

Note : Rates of interest are prescribed for each financial year for Items 1 to 3 and periodically for Item 4.

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  1. Keshav.B.Nayak says

    I was drawing my annual increment in the month of February,and now I had been placed with the same basic pay as of my juniors who had got one and half years service less than me.Hence kindly clarify whether this anomoly can be settled by the Dept early or otherwise.

  2. s sreeni says

    For drawing advance on transfer from Andaman to main land, how many days prior can I take the advance? any rule stating the time limit?

  3. says

    If govt employee has not taken any loan or advance from employer and not purchased any flat/plot/house for own to stay after retirement, is there any provision from employer to such employee to stay after retirement or home loan etc?

  4. Nathan says

    How many advances can a Central Government employee apply for? I have applied for motorcycle advance, personal computer advance and cycle advance(to present it to my dad). However, a senior told me I cannot apply for so many? I have not found any rule that restricts me from applying for these three simultaneously. Please guide me.

  5. skumar says

    I have been informed by my admn officer that By oversight I have withdrawn more from GPF than was due to me. Now I have got negative balance. I am willing to pay the due overdrawn. Can I pay in installments. Do I have to pay interest due on overdrawn amount. The interest paid has been adjusted. due is 150000/ which is over drawn but i am being asked to pay interest and recovery is supposed to be 178000
    Can they claim interest on overdue till date of payment?

  6. Ashok Halder says

    Sir please intimate me as how much percentage of transfer TA can be claimed by a person. Also intimate rule position.

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