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Provision of computer at the residence of officers of the level of Joint Secretary or equivalent and above

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No. 7(4)/E. Coord/2011
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure

New Delhi dated 10th January, 2012


Subject: – Provision of computer at the residence of officers of the level of  Joint Secretary or equivalent and above-reg.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s OM Nos. 7(4)/E.Coord./99 dated 1st August, 2000, dated 4th March, 2002 and 29th July, 2004 on the above subject. Keeping in view the advancement and rapid obsolescence in the configuration of desktop computers, it has been decided, in consultation with D/o Information Technology, that subject to the minimum configuration as in the Annexure to this OM, Ministries/Departments may decide on the configuration (hardware and software) of desktop computers to be provided to officers of the level of Joint Secretary and above themselves. The overall cost ceiling will however remain unchanged at Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rs. One lakh only) per piece (hardware and software included).

2. Officers who are entitled and avail of the facility of the computers and peripherals indicated above should pay an amount of Rs. 300/- per month from the date the computers are installed.

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3. Payment for broadband connectivity will be regulated as per this Department’s OM No. 7(140/C&V/2006 dated 14th November, 2006 regarding reimbursement of telephone charges.

4. On handing over the charge of the post; the officer may be given the option to retain the computer on payment of book value. For the purpose of calculation of book value a depreciation of 15% per year may be adopted. Thus, an officer who has had a term of five years will be required to pay 25% of original cost of the computer at the time of handing over charge at the end of the term deducting depreciation of 75% (15%x5).

5. The Computer and its peripherals will remain Government Property. The Officer will personally be responsible for the safety and security of the computer. In case of loss, the loss will be recovered from the officer based on the book value of the computer after allowing for depreciation of 15% per annum as stated at para 4 above. The officer concerned will be at liberty to have the computer insured at his personal cost.

(Saheli Ghosh Roy)
Director (E. Coord)

Annexure to the OM No. 7(4)/E.Coord/2011 dated 10th January. 2012

(i) CPU-Intel Core i7-2600, 3.4GHz 8MB Cache or AMD Phenom II X 4 965, 3.4 GHz 8 MB Cache or better.
(ii) Chipset: Intel Q67 Express or AMD 7/8 Series chipset or higher on OEM Motherboard.
(iii) Bus Architecture: 4PCI (PCI/PCI Express)
(iv) Memory: 4 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 RAM with 8GB Expandability
(v) Hard Disk Drive: 320 GB 7200 rpm 3.5″SATA HDD or higher
(vi) Monitor: 18.5″ LED Colour Monitor, Max Resolution 1366X768, TCO-05 certified.
(vii) Key Board: USB 104 keys
(viii) Mouse: USB 2 Button Optical Scroll.
(ix) Speaker: 2.1 Speaker System
(x) Webcam: Microsoft Life-cam HD-5000 or compatible webcam
(xi) Headset: Microsoft Life chat LX3000 or compatible Headset
(xii) Ports: 8 USB Ports (with at least 2 in front), audio ports for microphone and headphone in front.
(xiii) Cabinet: Small form factor (Max. 16 Ltrs)
(xiv) DVD ROM Drive : 16X or better DVD+ RW
(xv) Ethernet: NIC 10/100/1000
(xvi) UPS: Online 800VA or higher
(xvii) Operating System: Window 7 Professional/Linux preloaded, as specified, with Media and Documentation and Certificate of Authenticity.
(xviii) OS Certifications: Windows 7OS and Linux certification.
(xix) Power Management: Screen Blanking, Hard Disk and System Idle Mode in
Power On, set up Password, Power supply SMPS Surge protected.
(xx) Preloaded Software: Norton or McAfee or eTrust or e-Scan or Fore front or
Trend Micro or Planning Commission Tool or Quick heal Antivirus (latest
Version) with 3 Yrs upgrade License
(xxi) Printer: Multifunction device (printer/scanner/copier) or any other printer of choice
(xxii) All updated and patches must be provided by the OEM for the project duration


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