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PM invites Ideas and Suggestions for Union Budget 2020

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PM invites Ideas and Suggestions for Union Budget 2020

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi invited ideas and suggestions for the Union Budget 2020 on MyGov.

He said, “The Union Budget represents the aspirations of 130 crore Indians and lays out the path towards India’s development. I invite you all to share your ideas and suggestions for this year’s Budget on MyGov.”

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    • Reduce income tax slab rates for salaried employees upto 50 percent and remove income tax for senior citizen , this will increase the purchasing power of middle class and senior citizen

  1. Why GDS gramin dak sevag not taking civil servants and they should not get any minimum wages and also not get any financial benefit like govt services.
    My opinion is like s bank it’s jobs increase in post office and it will reach money upto door step of each rural/villages people.
    My opinion plse make them (GDS) Civil servant and increase their other work and working hours with other related govt works

  2. All uniform defence,/ paramilitary serving /retired personnel safeguarding our nation should be exempted from income tax.

  3. Dear honour prime minister Modi G and Finance minister G,
    As both of u, the paramilitary forces are engaged for commitment their best reposibilties,.
    However, a Jawan could not able to build a single house for their families Throughout the life.
    So the tax exemption to paramilitary personnel may be considered in coming Budget.
    The person sitting in AC room couldn’t understand the the pay and allowances given to these personnel.

  4. My suggestion/request on Income tax. Direct taxes is mostly generated 4-5% from salaried/pensioners/family pensioners people. Sir, much incomes are earned by accountants(adjustment with officers/officials of respective departments) archakas of temples, self earned purohits, religieus temples, churches, masgids, street vendors so on. Now much people are transacting through cash than digital. They are not much accounted. Vegetable some vendors, flower decorators and flower sellers,pani-puri sellers are earning not less than Rs.1000/- per day by cash. So many businesses are running on cash mode. My suggestion is person who attains 25 years of age has to file returns irrespective of their income or not. If no income NIL income can be filed. Every house has a car, scooters, two sims. They spend more on luxurious items than primary things without paying taxes. Bring every one into the tax net. Naturally government treasury will be filled.


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