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PCDA Circular 601 – Non receipt of e-PPOs

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PCDA Circular 601 – Non receipt of e-PPOs


Circular No. 601

Dated: 06.07.2018


The O I/C
Records/PAO (ORs)

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Subject:- Non receipt of e-PPOs — reg.

Reference:- This office Circular No. 588 dated 20.10.2017, Circular No. 590 dated 06.11.2017 and Circular No. 595 dated 25.01.2018.


Office of the PCDA(P) Allahabad has started issuing e-PPOs for all categories of pensioners. A new PPO series was also introduced for various types of e-PPOs and subsequently range of modifications took place while adopting the process.

2. Copies of digitally signed e-PPOs are being sent electronically to PDAs and to Record Offices (ROs) concerned in case of JCOs/ORs . The RO, after scrutinising and checking the e-PPO, is required to forward a hard copy of the e-PPO (after printing from the PDF file) along with Descriptive Roll of the pensioners to PDA concerned. Record Offices (ROs) are also required to provide a copy of the e-PPO to the Armed Forces Pensioners/ Family Pensioners for their record either as a hard copy or through an e-mail as deemed fit.

3. After issuance of e-PPOs by this office, the e-PPOs are immediately forwarded to Record Offices concerned through DPCC (Defence Pension Contact Centre) functioning in the office premises of the PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad.

4. However, it has been noticed that the Record Offices (ROs) and the pensioners/family pensioners are not receiving e-PPO on time thereby causing delay in receipt of pension and other pensionary benefits.

5. In view of the above, all Record Offices are requested to instruct their representative/s to contact the DPCC (Defence Pension Contact Centre) functioning in the office premises of the PCDA(Pension) Allahabad for collection of e-PPOs issued by this office in soft copy viz. Compact Disk (CD) or in Pen Drive. Discrepancy observed in the e-PPO, if any, may be immediately brought to the notice of this office for necessary action at this end. For any query regarding collection of e-PPO, please contact Lt. Col. Palani S, Officer I/C, DPCC (E-Mail ID :- [email protected], Phone: 0532- 2423486, Army Line : 6219).

6. Further, Record Offices are requested to ensure that e-PPOs are collected and despatched timely to PDAs alongwith Descriptive Roll so that payment of pensionary benefits are made to the pensioners/family pensioners in time.

7. This circular has been uploaded on official website of this office www.pcdapension.nic.in.

(Sushil Kumar Singh)
Jt. CDA(P)

No. Gts/Tech/7th CPC/0181/Vol-VI
Dated: 06.07.2018

Signed Copy

PCDA Circulars 2018

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  1. The manager cppc Central bank of India Mumbai replied that they have not received any ppo reg. revision of pension pre 2006 retirie from pcda (p) Allahabad. Hence I have not received any arrear till to day.

  2. I have only received a PPO while retired from service i.e on 31 Dec 1995. From 01 Jan 1996 to till date I have not received a corrigendium or ePPO from PDA or AOC Records office. You are requested to provide the same at the earliest.

  3. Please send epp in r/o ex jc 107081h hony/capt. Daya nath mishra 14 bn. Briged of the guards. My old ppo no s/33508/1991(army).

  4. Witn due respect …..sir iam a retired person from 3/3 GR sir my army no 5247413N NK peter gurung from 3/3GR and i got retired on 1th may 2011 from 39GTC ..sir still i have not received any of my 7th pay comission,arriers.one rank one pension..sir kindly help me for this matter…thanking you…


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