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New Holiday Home in Tambaram, Chennai – Dept of Post

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New Holiday Home in Tambaram, Chennai

A New Holiday Home at Chennai located in the BPC, Railway Station premises of Tambaram was declared open by Dr. Charles Lobo,,Chief Postmaster General, Tamilnadu Circle on 15.08.2015.

The new Holiday Home opened at Tambaram Railway station will cater to the needs of the officials who are coming to Chennai from different parts of the country for various purposes.

All South Bound trains pass through Tambaram and stop at Tambaram Railway Station. The Holiday Home is easily accessible by suburban trains also.

It is hoped that the Holiday Home at Tambaram will be fully utilized by the staff in general and lower grade officials in particular.

The Holiday Home at Tambaram consists of one Family room, two dormitories besides kitchen, and dining hall . It can accommodate a total of 10 persons. SSPOs, Tambaram division is the controlling officer and will do the reservation for accommodation.

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