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Grant of higher grade pay Rs.2000 to Drivers Gr-III (constable) of RPF/RPSF

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PC-VI No. 398

RBE No.157/2019
New Delhi, dated : 20.09.2019

The General Manager (P),
All Indian Railways & Production Units
(as per mailing list)

Sub : Grant of higher grade pay Rs.2000 to Drivers Gr-III (constable) of RPF/RPSF.

Ref : (1) Board’s letter No.PC-VI/2008/1/5/8, dated 03-07-2013 (RBE No.62/2013)
(2) Board’s letter No.PC-VI/2010/1/5/1, dated 10-04-2018 (RBE No.56/2018)
(3) Board’s letter No.2013/Sec(E)/PA-2(CC), dated 03.11.2017 to chief security commissioner/ RPF / Western Railway (copy enclosed)

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Vide Board’s letter dated 10.04.2018 (RBE No.56/2018) higher grade pay of Rs.2000 was made applicable to all the Drivers Gr-III (Constable) of RPF/RPSF only who are similarly placed as compared to the petitioners in WP No.15763/2013.

2. In this connection, a reference was received seeking clarification as to whether direct recruited Driver Gr-III of RPF/RPSF (who were enlisted in service as Driver Gr-III on 15-07-2010 in the pay Scale of Rs.5200-20200 + GP Rs.1900) are to be treated at par with the petitioners of WP No.15763/2013 (Shri Valibhai Y.Darvodiya & 17 Ors. Vs CSC/RPF, CCG Mumbai and DG/RPFO for the purpose of granting higher grade pay of Rs.2000/-.

3. The matter has been examined in depth and it is accordingly clarified that all the Drivers Gr-III of RPF/RPSF are to be considered similarly situated as the petitioners in WP No.15763/2013 for grant of higher grade pay of Rs.2000/-

4. Further, the recruitment at the revised upgraded pay in future will be made only after duly incorporating the revised pay in the relevant Recruitment Rules.

5. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of this Ministry.

Jt.Director, Pay Commission
Railway Board

Source : NFIR

Signed Copy

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