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Clarification on Multi Tasking Staff, Recruitment Rules, 2018

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Clarification on Multi Tasking Staff, Recruitment Rules, 2018

F.No. 02-01/2018-SPB-I
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi – 110001
February 7th 2019


1) All Chief Postmasters General/ Postmasters General
2) Chief General Manager, BD Directorate/ Parcel Directorate/ PLI Directorate
3) Director, RAKNPA / GM, CEPT / Directors of all PTCs
4) Addl. Director General, Army Postal Service, New Delhi
5) All General Managers (Finance) / Directors Postal Accounts DDAP

Subject:- Clarification on Multi Tasking Staff, Recruitment Rules, 2018.

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Madam / Sir,

I am directed to refer to Department of Posts (Multi Tasking Staff) Recruitment Rules (RRs), 2018 notified on 16.08.2018 which superseded the Recruitment Rules notified in 2015. In this regard, a few Circles have sought clarification on certain points, which are clarified as under:-

SL. NO. Circle / Issue Clarification
1 Gujarat : The percentage of quota for method of recruitment for Posts of Administrative offices in not mentioned in the MTS RRs 2018. When there is more than one mode of recruitment or more than one source of feeder cadre, percentage of vacancy to be filled by each mode / source is specified. Since, no percentage has been fixed in the 2018 RRs of MTS of Administrative Offices, entire vacancy will have to be filled up in the manner provided under Column-10 of the relevant Schedule, i.e. First by appointment of Casual Laborers the order specified therein, failing which from GDS through Competitive Examination, failing which direct recruitment from open market
2 Karnataka :- Whether GDS should satisfy all the educational and other qualifications (schedule 7-RR, 2018) prescribed for Direct Recruitment . Yes
3 Punjab:- Few units like MMS does not have GDS cadre in their establishment and the first component for filling up of 50% posts on the. basis of seniority-cum-fitness basis from the GDS of recruiting unit will not be possible in these units.

Whether the posts of MTS can be filled up through LDCE component in respect of units/divisions where GDS candidates are not available or less in number as compared to MTS and whether GDS of other units may be considered against these vacancies.

As per column 10 of Part II-(Posts of Subordinate Office) of Multi Tasking Staff, Recruitment Rules, 2018, 50% of the vacancy ls to be filled up by direct recruitment on the basis of seniority-cum-fitness from GDS. If sufficient eligible candidates are not available (including non-availability of candidate as mentioned by Punjab Circle), unfilled vacancies shall be added to the number of vacancies to be filled in by second method i.e. the number of vacancy calculated as per the provision at (ii), viz. 25% by direct recruitment of GDS on the basis of competitive examination m the manner provided therein.
4 Karnataka:- Circulate revised pattern and syllabus. The issue is under consideration by a Committee. Further communication will be sent to Circles in due course.
5 Telangana:- The GDS candidates selected for APS through Limited Departmental Competitive Examination but temporarily deployed in civil post offices whether their deployment should be cancelled and reverted back to GDS cadre or What further course of action to be taken in respect of these candidates? In this context, clarification issued vide letter No. No. 14-07/2017-SPN-I dated 31.01.2019 may be perused.
6 Telangana:- Whether leftover vacancies of the year 2016-17 can be offered to GDS surplus qualified candidates as per the provisions of new recruitment rules? O.M No. AB.14017/13/2013 Estt.(RR)(1349) of Department of Personnel & Training (DOPT) states as under:-

“The legal position is that the posts are to be fi lled up as per the eligibility conditions prescribed in the Recruitment Rules in force at the time of occurrence of vacancies unless the Recruitment Rules are amended retrospectively. The practice has however been to give eff ect to the Recruitment Rules prospectively”

Further, clarification has already been issued vide letter number 37-10/2002-SPB-I dt. 14.11.2002 which states as follows-

“According to cannons of law, the recruitment rules in force at the time of occurrence of vacancies, whatsoever be the date of notification, should be followed.” Subsequently, after notification of RRs of MTS m Subordinate Offices on 28.06.2012, it was clarified vide letter number 45-2/2011-SPB-I dated 18.10.2012 that vacancies pertaining to the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 were to be filled up as per the pre-amended RRs.

Accordingly , vacancies upto the vacancy year 2017 (April 2017-March 2018) are required to be filled up as per the MTS, Recruitment Rules, 2015, and vacancies occurring in 2018 vacancy year (April-December 2018) and thereafter are required to be filled up as per Recruitment Rules of 2018 notified on 16.08.2018.

7 Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana:- Whether a common of examination may be conducted for filling the MTS vacancies of both Administrative and Subordinate offices by calling options from the candidates.

If a common examination is to be conducted to fill up the posts of Subordinate offices and Administrative offices:

(i) Who will issue the roll number to the candidates as the candidates will apply for vacancies in both the units

(ii) while preparing the result, whether a common merit list will be prepared or two separate lists will be prepared for selection;

(iii) if a separate merit list has to be prepared, detailed procedure may be intimated;

(iv) if a common merit list is prepared, who will be given the first preference for selection as MTS m Administrative offices;

(v) whether we have to obtain preferences from the candidates at the time of applying for the post

(vi) whether the post of administrative offices would be filled up from surplus qualified candidates.

A common examination may be held across the Circle for filling up of vacancies both Administrative and Subordinate offices.

Issue of Roll Number

a. Circle shall issue two digit numerical code for each recruiting division (10 for Administrative Office. For other Divisions, from 11 onwards alphabetical order)

b.Circle shall issue single digit numerical code starting from 1for each category of vertical vacancy. Similarly single digit numerical code for each category of horizontal vacancy shall be issued.

c. Candidates shall submit their application to appear in Examination in their respective Unit where they are working. Roll Number to candidates shall be issued by the Recruiting Division in the following manner:

Recruiting Division Code; followed by
Category code for vertical vacancy; followed by
Category code for horizontal vacancy; followed by
Three digit roll number starting from 001.

Seeking Option of Candidatea.

a.At the time of inviting application for appearing in examination, candidates may be asked to exercise order of preference of Recruiting Units (All Divisions / Administrative Office).

b. There shall be two sets of preference to be exercised by a candidate.

c. In the 1st set of preference , the candidate shall indicate the order of preference for ‘Parent Division’, i.e. the recruiting unit to which a candidate belongs, and Administrative Office in the manner the Candidate decides. If a candidate does not want to be considered for either of these two recruiting units or both these recruiting units, he/she shall write ‘not to be considered’.

d. In the 2nd set of preference, rest of the Recruiting Divisions (other than Parent Division and Administrative Office) shall be arranged in the order of preference the candidate decides.

e. It should be clarified that candidates should exercise preference for all Recruiting Units for consideration. In case preference is exercised for a limited number of units and could not be allocated to one of those limited units as per merit vis a vis vacancy in the category he/she belongs to, he/she will not be considered for other recruiting units not preferred even though a candidate lower in rank to him/her is considered who has opted for that unit.

f. Order of Preference once exercised shall not be changed

Preparation of Merit List and allocation of Divisions

a. There shall be single Merit List for the entire Circle.

b. Qualified candidates shall be allocated to their respctive parent recruiting unit or Administrative offices in the order of merit vis a vis preference exercised in first set of preferences and category in which selected vis a vis availability of vacancy in the respective category (for the purpose of vertical I horizontal reservation).

c. A reserve category candidate selected against an unreserved vacancy on own merit shall have choice to migrate to reserve category if by doing so he/she can be allocated to a Unit, which is higher m the order of preference exercised by him/her. Therefore, an undertaking to this effect shall be included m the application for appearing in examination.

d. After allocation of candidates as per preference for Administrative Office and Parent Unit (s), remaining candidates in the order of merit shall b allocated to other recruiting division(s) where there are unfilled vacancies in respective category. Provisions of (c) above shall also apply in this case.Publication of ResultsResults shall be published in three Parts -(i) Part-I showing the list of candidates in order of merit who have been allocated to Administrative Office, (ii) Part-II showing the list of candidates, Recruiting Division wise, in order of merit who have been allocated to Parent Division, and (iii) Part-III showing the list of surplus qualified candidates who were not allocated to Parent Division or Administrative Office and allocated to other Recruiting Units/Divisions based on merit.

2. The above clarifications may be brought to the notice of all concerned and action taken to conduct DPC/Examination for promotion/appointment to the cadre of MTS at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,

(Muthuraaman C)
Assistant Director General (SPN)

Signed Copy

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