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Western Railway Employees Union (WREU) contributes Rs. 52 Lakhs to PM Cares Fund & Rs. 25 Lakhs towards Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Welfare Fund

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In this current scenario, with the outbreak of the COVID – 19 pandemic and the Hon’ble Prime Minister seeking the help from the citizens of the country to contribute generously in the ‘PM CARES Fund’, many have come forward with open hearts and contributed their best. W. Rly employees have also partaken in this noble cause to fight the economic crisis in the aftermath of this pandemic and help in the nation building process.

The Western Railway Employees Union (WREU) is o­ne of the recognised trade union affiliated to All India Railwaymen’s Federation (AIRF) and Hind Mazdoor Sabha (HMS). Shri J. R. Bhosale – General Secretary of WREU has stated that in this situation when the nation is reeling under such a big crisis, WREU has decided to be a part of the noble cause and has contributed Rs. 52 lakhs to Prime Ministers Relief Fund and Rs. 25 Lakhs to Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Welfare Fund for COVID 19 affected patients relief work. Besides, it is also worth mentioning, that all the employees of W. Rly including officers have already decided earlier to voluntarily contributed their o­nes day’s basic salary to “PM CARES Fund”.


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