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Travel Benefits for Senior Citizens

Travel Benefits for Senior Citizens

Train :

  • Indian Railways provide a flat 30 per cent discount on fares in all classes of coaches of all trains
  • This includes Sleeper Class, First Class, Air Conditioned (AC) Chair and First Class AC in all trains including Shatabdi and Rajdhani Expresses.
  • The minimum age defined for senior citizens for this particular discount is 60 years.
  • The government has also created special booking counters for senior citizens to prevent extreme discomfort and health problems caused by standing in long queues
  • Special coaches have been introduced for senior citizens who use a wheel chair. These coaches have provisions such as space for wheel chairs, handrails and a specially designed toilet. Special ramps for wheel-chaired seniors have been constructed at numerous railway stations, so that they don’t have to face the discomfort of crossing the rail tracks or climbing up stairs. Wheel Chairs for the use of older persons are available at all junctions, District Headquarters and other important stations.

Air :

  • The Indian Airlines provides a discount on normal economy class fare airline tickets for who have attained the age of 65.
  • Other airline companies also offer similar rebates to the senior citizens.
  • These discounts allow the elderly to afford to travel the same way as they did while they were working.

Ship :

  • Private Cruise Ship companies and travel agencies offer a variety of cruises to Lakshadweep and the Andamans.
  • From time to time they have special offers, discounts and tailored packages for senior citizens.
  • Before booking such a trip it is always a good idea to bargain for extra discounts and freebies.


  1. Government should consider ti extend LTC to senior citizen pensioners at least once in two years. Any how travel concession of 30% is given and the remaining is 70% only. Government may consider this

  2. How long the retirees will remain alive or fit to enjoy life after putting golden years of our life for the nation .It is time after retirement for those who are fit to enjoy abit with family .Govt should consider LTC to retired employees.

  3. Ltc facility may be extended to sr. Citizens as some get very low pension & some dont get any pension & still want to enjoy in the old age.ltc facility to every citizen will boost the railway bookings & will earn more as most of than like to travel by high class for discounted conveience. Railway minister may consider this as benifit is to be given after 4 years. Thanks.

  4. Pensioner and his spouse should get 50 percent concession in all transports like rail.air and bus etc.Also the pension should be given tax exemption.This should be applicable from age 60 years

  5. I agree with others that Pensioners shall be extended with ltc facility.
    Pensioners should also get 100% income tax exemption on the pension amount.
    Pension shall be revised like one rank one pension to all central government pensioners

  6. I fully agreed with my friends above that pensionerse should be provided LTC facility as well as 50% Concession in Railway and Air fare.

  7. I fully agree to allow Pensioners LTC once in two years in respect to their to their service to the Nation on the scale while retiring. This welfare measure government is requested to provide..

  8. I do agree with K.G.Arora’sdemand for L.T.C.fecility to senior citizens who served for Govt.for a long time. I request the Govt.to provide cocessions in railways and airways for the welfare of served senior citizens.

  9. D.Viswanathan
    I am going to attain the age of 65 (i.e. Date of Birth 15/03/1950) and also I have fully recovered from Oral Cancer since March,2013. The Govt. may consider 75% concession in Railways and 60% in Airways.

  10. yes i do fully agree with the comments of mr k g arora with respect to grant of ltc to retired central govt employees

  11. the indian raiways may consider 50 percent discount on fares in all classes of coaches of all trins to the senior citizens of ex-service personnel to identify their service to the nation.

  12. railway may consider 50 percent discount in classes for the senior cityzen of ex-service personnel to identify their service to nation

  13. Government provides LTC to its employees but this facility is not available to the retirees. Since the retired persons have already served the government for a long time and after retirement they have considerable free time at their disposal, as a welfare measure, the government should consider extending LTC facility to its retired employees also.


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