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Tamilnadu Govt declares a Public holiday on July 30 2015, over the Abdul Kalam Demise

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The Tamil Nadu government declared a public holiday on July 30 2015 as a mark of respect to former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who died on Monday. TN released GO , stating that

“The Government of Tamil Nadu announce with profound regret the death of Thiru A.P.J. Addul Kalam, Former President of India on 27.07.2015 at Shilong. The Government have decided to declare a Public Holiday on the day of funeral i.e. on 30.07.2015 for all educational Institutions and for all Government / Private Establishments under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, as a mark of respect to the former President.”

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  1. What if company’s didnt follow this rule… am working in a small company…not declared holiday……it doesnt mean need leave…even not concerned about the nation huge loss…they expecting only the productivity of the company


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