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Railways Approach Ministry of Finance to Eliminate Anomalies in Pay Structure of Their Staff and Supervisors

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Ministry of Railways has fully implemented recommendations of the 6th Central Pay Commission as accepted by the Government in relation to the railway employees. However, representations were received from various sections of Railway employees and recognized Federations regarding issues related to the pay structure recommended by the Commission.

Based on the directives of the Central Government, Anomalies Committees were set up at national as well as departmental level by all the Ministries of Government of India to consider various representations. Departmental Anomaly Committee for Railways which includes representatives of the Federations of railway employees was also set up to consider anomalies arising out of the 6th Central Pay Commission as referred by recognized Federations of railway employees.

Deliberations were held with the Federations in the Committee on these issues. Consequent upon such deliberations and recommendations of the committee, Ministry of Railways has addressed major issues to eliminate anomalies in pay structure etc of certain critical categories involved in operation, safety and passenger care e.g. technical staff , supervisors, running staff, station masters etc. and referred these to Ministry of Finance for acceptance.

Source : PIB

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