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Railway Budget 2013-14 – Employees’ training institute at Secunderabad

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Indian Railways will set up an employees’ training institute at Secunderabad and strive to fill 1.52 lakh vacancies this year, to add to the “family” of 14 lakh railway employees, Pawan Kumar Bansal announced.

Other key points in his maiden Railway Budget were —

Arunachal Pradesh has been brought into the railway network for the first time.

Indian Railways is aware of the problems of the IRCTC website, and will create a next generation e-ticketing system by end of this year, Bansal said.

Aadhar can be helpful for Railways in many respect, from booking tickets to tracking pension of rail employees.

Indian Railways will run a special luxury coach with the best of ameneties, named ‘Anubhuti’, with select trains.

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Railways is concerned about the safety of women passengers, and has created 4 companies of women RPF personnel for their safety, Bansal said.

Ladies coaches in metros are being accompanied by women RPF personnel.

There has been a reduction in the number of train accidents, even though passenger and freight volumes have increased, Bansal said in his maiden Railway Budget speech.

Indian Railways face mounting scarcity of resources.

“Howsoever high a flight may be, we must remain connected to the ground,” he said.

Pawan Kumar bansal started his speech with the usual homage to Congress leaders. He is the first Congress Railway Minister in nearly 17 years and expectations are high from his Rail Budget speech.

Bansal had in January hiked railway fares across the board for the first time in a decade. The decision had met with widespread political criticism.

-Economic Times

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