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Punjab Govt issues transfers policy

The Punjab Government Tuesday issued guidelines for the general postings and transfers of officers and officials of the government in the state during 2010-11.Disclosing this, a spokesman of the Punjab Government said that the transfers would be done from 04th June, 2010 to 30th June, 2010.

Giving details of the broad guidelines to be adopted for the transfers the spokesman said that as per the policy of the state government transfers would be kept to the barest minimum and would be made against vacant post except where the transfers were justified on administrative or compassionate grounds.

He also said the employees whether gazetted or non-gazetted due to retire within next two years, would be allowed to continue in the same district or at the same station of postings till retirement as far as possible.

Referring to the transfer policy for couple cases, he said that when husband and wife both were serving the Government it was desirable to keep them at one station for a period of not more than five years, thereafter they would be transferred as per the policy. Even in the cases where the wife was in government service and the husband was working in private under taking, the same attitude would be adopted.

However, efforts would be made to post unmarried girls and widows at stations suitable to them as far as possible. The spokesman explained that unmarried girls and widows would be given preference over couple cases in the matter of posting and transfers at stations convenient to them

The spokesman further said that to mitigate the suffering of the handicapped and the blind employees, the state government would be considerate in posting and transferring them. Sympathetic attitude would be adopted while posting or transferring a government employee or officers whose child was mentally challenged and efforts would be made to post them at the place of their choice.

Adding further, he said that a stay of three years and five years would be treated respectively as the minimum and maximum period at a particular place. Similarly for employees transferable within the state particularly Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ officers, no employee would be allowed to serve in one district beyond a period of 7 years in his center service, within particular office, seats having sensitive nature of work such as extensive public dealings, establishment, monetary sanctions etc. would be clearly defined and maximum stay would be kept at 2 years.

Premature transfers i.e. transfer of any employee before he has completed minimum three years would not be ordered except under rare circumstances of punishment or clearly spelt out administrative reasons, the spokesman clarified.

The employees or officers who were posted in the border areas, bet areas and Kandi areas would remain there for a minimum period of 2 years, he added.

Source : Punjab Newsline

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  1. I am physically Handicapped about 65% permanently. I have got promotion on FCS ground for three years.Can I request that the vacancy period will extended till my retirement.

  2. I and my wife both are central government employees and working in ordnance clothing factory shahjahanpur for the last six and half years. Can we be transferred to Dehradun.


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