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Confederation calls to hold Protest against abnormal delay in declaration of Bonus & DA

Protest against abnormal delay in declaration of Bonus & DA

Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers calls upon to hold
from today (04-10-2019) onwards till declaration

Dear Comrades,

Abnormal delay is taking place in declaration of Bonus & DA. Normally, DA is declared in September. Bonus is declared well ahead of Pooja holiday. But this time, till today no orders are issued. To protest against this abnormal delay, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers CHQ calls upon all affiliates and C-o-Cs to hold protest demonstration in front of all offices from today onwards till Bonus & DA is declared. Higher form of action will be decided by National Secretariat,If Govt refuses to declare DA & Bonus.


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  1. Da and Dr are part and parcel of the basic pay and basic pension.Hence increases in the da and dr , whenever becomes due based on the Aicpin ,should become automatically included with the basic pay and with the basic pension.There need not and should not be a cabinet approval every time..This is another glaring example of government red-tappism..Let good sense prevail.

  2. Govt is very bad intentiion.their motive to deprive govt employees &pensioners and for this reason govt not interest to declare bonus &da.present govt is only interested for corporate sector

  3. While corporates are given massive relief in direct tax as employees are delayed their nomalnlehitimate due. A small ut in foreign jaunts and a small cut to in the menu in lthe parties will save enough andmore to govt!

    • Very unfortunate ,specially this year.The festival already is on.But the Modi Govt. is delaying to Declare DA & DR before the festival is on. Those CG employees are not entitled for P L bonus & old pensioners consider, this is a festival gift. An early declaration is expected.


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