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Performance Linked Incentive (PLI) in Public Sector Banks

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Performance Linked Incentive PLI Pay Matrix

Performance Linked Incentive (PLI) in Public Sector Banks, which will be based on Operating/ Net Profit of the individual bank (optional for private & foreign banks). The PIA is payable to all employees annually over and above the normal salary payable. The PLI matrix decides the amount payable to the employees (in number of days of pay-Basic+DA) depending on the annual performance of the bank. All the employees will get the number of days of pay as incentive depending on where in the matrix the bank’s performance fits in, broadly as per pay Matrix under :

Performance Linked Incentive Pay Matrix – PLI Pay Matrix Table

SI. No. YoY Growth in Operating Profit No. of days for which Salary (Basic + DA) all be paid
1 <5% Nil
2 5% to 10% 5 days
3 >10% to 15% 10 days*
4 >15% 15 days*
*3rd & 4th slabs are payable only if the Bank has Net Profit. If a Bank has growth in Operating Profit of 5% & more, but there is no Net Profit, then minimum 2nd slab of 5 days will be payable

(The PLI will be applicable from FY- 2020-21)

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