Minutes of the DC/JCM (RAILWAYS) Meeting Held between Railway Board and Staff Side on 4th May & 29th June, 2010

Minutes of the DC/JCM (RAILWAYS) Meeting Held between Railway Board and Staff Side on 4th May & 29th June, 2010

Shri M. Raghavaiah has brought out the following issues for quick response from the Board as the workers are disappointed over the delay in resolving the same satisfactorily.

I. In CRC no substantial result in the last 18 months

CRC exercise should be undertaken on Fast Track.

II. Running Staff issues

Relating to revision of Kilometerage Rate, date of effect from 01-01-2006, Pay Fixation on posting against Stationery post, grant of Additional Allowance to all Running Staff, Restoration of ALK to the medically de-categorized Loco Pilots deployed to perform the duties of Crew Controllers should be redressed without further delay. In the separate meeting held between the Railway Board and NFIR on 24-06-2011, discussions were held at length on all these issues. The Federation has given rationale proposals justifying revision of Kilometerage Rates w.e.f 01-01-2006 onwards. All these issues should be sorted out very early.

III. There are 2.2 Lakh vacancies on Indian Railways

Staff are heavily overburdened. Immediate steps required.

IV. Quasi Administrative Staff

This is a long pending issue. While orders for introduction of “Substitutes Engagement Scheme” since issued, the Quasi Administrative Staff absorption continued unsettled inspite of separate discussions and encouraging response from Member Staff.

V. Duty hours of ECRCs

No action on the agreement arrived at in a separate meeting held with AM (Comml.) till date. Sanctity of Board’s orders (by an agreement with the Staff Side) to be retained and counter working hours to be limited to 6 hours per shift.

VI. Negotiated settlement of February, 2006 – Casual Labour attained temporary status.

Counting of entire service of Temporary Status Casual Labour for the purpose of
Pensionary benefits:-

Although Railway Board had agreed and proposal sent to DOP&T, the same has not been decided favourably. Railway Ministry should impress upon the DOP&T about complex working of Railways and re-consider the matter.

VII. With 51% DA, Running Staff Allowance /ALK needs to be hiked by 25%.

VIII. MACPS has created a lot of problems

There are aberrations noticed while granting Financial Upgradation under MACPS to staff which led to dissatisfaction. The fact that several changes had taken place in the cadres like abolition/ upgradation of grades during the previous years was not taken into account. NFIR had already addressed of letters to Railway Board through its letters to examine all these issues in depth for finding solution. NFIR specifically pointed out the injustice meted out to the former CG–II/ CG–I of Accounts Department in respect of grant of MACP. Those recruited as JAA later on got the advantage of MACPS while those incumbents recruited as CG–II/ CG–I initially are deprived of MACP. This needs to be reviewed for granting benefit to the staff, as the structural changes done replacing CG–I with JAA.

Needs separate discussions, particularly in the light of meeting held between the DOP&T and Staff Side on 15-03-2011. In the meantime, Zonal Railways may be advised not to withdraw the benefit extended to some categories (Drawing Office Staff, Pharmacists, etc.).

IX. In Health Directorate order dated 03-05-2011, the last sentence needs to be modified and revised orders issued, covering past cases relating to Type-II diabetes case of Running Staff, etc.

X. In LARSGESS Scheme, Compassionate Ground appointment policy should be applied.

XI. Pay Commission anomalies

Proposals on Seven core issues have been sent by Railway Ministry to MOF one year back. There has been no progress. This needs to be pursued. The Federation has also brought this matter to the notice of Hon’ble Ministers of State for Railways in the General Managers’ Conference held on 11-06-2011.

XII. Promotion to higher post with no Grade Pay Benefit

This anomaly is prevalent in Running Staff category. This needs to be rectified by allotting higher Grade Pay on promotion.

XIII. RELHS-97 Scheme needs to be an open-ended scheme.

XIV. Welfare activities are totally ignored due to shortage of funds. Quarters/Colonies are in a very bad shape. Immediate action required.

XV. On West Central Railway, Substitute Teachers put in 18 years continuous service are not screened done for regularization inspite of provision exists for absorption on completion of 3 years. These staff deserve to be regularized

XVI. Quantum of punishment in VIth CPC Pay – Board’s order needs review for meeting hardship to staff.

XVII. Anomaly arisen in the case of Senior Loco Inspectors should be resolved. The issue was discussed in the EDs Committee also.

XVIII. Action may be taken for implementation of Joint Committee Report on career growth of Trackmen category and package on working/service conditions.

XIX. Pass entitlement order be made applicable for RCP and Retired Staff also.

While concluding, Mr. M. Raghavaiah wished Member Staff, Shri V.N.Tripathi and family members a happy and prosperous retired life and assured NFIR’s continued affection in future days also.

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  1. Nothing said about SE/SSE’s. Those all are directly appointed through RRB & having educational qualification is B.E/B.Tech(Graduate Engineers).All are in Group ‘C’.No promotional scope.Its unfortunate.Need not appoint Graduate Engineers in Railway through Railway Recruitment Board(RRB),If treating like that.

  2. Your above mention item No-IV regarding absorption of staff is working in quasi organization connected with railway since from long time. In spite of Railway Board has absorbed very poor numbers of quasi staff by their RBE-103/2000 but Railway authorities arbitrary deleted some name on the ground that the quasi staff were over aged at the time of there initial recruitment in the organization. Instated of Railway Board has own rules No-RBE-08/1987 where clearly declare the organization has own power to recruit frees face to there own rules. However Railway Board did not consider their own rules. Other hand Railway Board has a another Esst, Sril NO-232/1973 where 5 years age relaxation rules is exist. That rules also did not consider for the time of absorption of Quasi staff in the Railway.


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