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Merger of Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ staff cadres of all Directorates under CBIC into one Common Cadre and Common RRs

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Merger of Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ staff cadres of all Directorates under CBIC into one Common Cadre and Common RRs

No. A-11013/10/2016-Ad.IV
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Excise and Customs

5th Floor, HUDCO Vishala Building,
Bhikaji Cama Place,
New Delhi, dated the 11th June, 2019

Subject : Merger of Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ staff cadres (Executive, Ministerial and non-Technical) of all Directorates under CBIC into one Common Cadre and Common RRs – Delegation of work/function of the CCA to the Directorates under the CCA of DGPM – regarding.

A meeting was conveyed on 22.05.2019 by the Member, CBIC to resolve the pending issue related to the delegation of power between DGPM and DRI. The issue has arisen out of DGPM order F.No. 1040/21/2018 dated 30.07.2018 distributing certain functions to various Directorates under Cadre Control of DGPM. DRI vide letter F.No. C-38015/04/2015-Confl. Dated 06.08.2018 had raised certain objections regarding delegation of such powers and had pointed out that the Appointing Authority alone can exercise powers like taking disciplinary action, accepting YRS/technical resignation and taking up of litigation matters. The following decisions were taken in the meeting:

(i) DGPM will act as Cadre Controlling Authority and power of appointment etc. be given to the respective Directorates. DGPM being the Cadre Controlling Authority, the combined vacancy for various grades will be intimated by DGPM and on receipt of Dossiers; they will allocate those dossiers to various Directorates. Further process of appointment etc. may be taken care of by the respective Directorates. Head of the Directorate or an appropriate officer of Directorate may be declared as Head of Department. Directorates being appointing authority/disciplinary authority shall also decide issues such as YRS/Technical Resignat ions, initiation of disciplinary powers, etc. The list of functions to be performed by DGPM as CCA and the delegated functions of Directorates under CCA of DGPM, once the Heads of Directorates or an appropriate officer of Directorate is declared Head of Department/Disciplinary Authority are given in Annexure-I.

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(ii) Looking into the sensitivity of the nature of work performed by DGRT/DGGI/DG Vig, it will be desirable that DGPM consults the heads of these organizations or an officer authorized by Heads of these organizations, before positing any officer to these three organizations.

(iii) All out efforts should be made to ensure that new RRs for the Directorates are issued as soon as possible. For this a meeting should be held with JS (Admn) and DG HRM. Further, without disturbing the existing position of officers in DGPM seniority l ist, the Directorates can attempt to fill up the vacancies as per the RRs in force where there is no contradiction.

(iv) Regarding posting of officers on loan basis, it has been decided that till restructuring comes into picture, the loan officers, as a matter of fact, sanctioned on loan to different Directorates in a station, that sanction has been given to the local CCA and that local CCA should be responsible to fetch the requirement of local Directorates. With regard to calling of applications by different Directorates for posting on loan basis, it was decided that it should be stopped forthwith and those who have already been accommodated under this arrangement, after completion of their tenure, they will not be given any further extension.

(v) As regards the transfer/posting of officers within the Directorate, it has been decided that once an officer has been posted to an organization , the head of that organization has to decide for his posting/transfer within the organization.

(Xavier Toppo)
Under Secretary to Govt. of India

Signed Copy

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