Kerala Government – Eligibility for Family pension to parents and unmarried daughters above 25 years


Eligibility for Family Pension to parents & unmarried daughters above 25 years of age- enhancement in income limit-modified orders-issued.


G.O(P)No. 478/2011/Fin Dated,Thiruvananthapuram 24th October 2011

Read:- 1. GO(P)No. 326/11/Fin dated 02.08.2011.
2. Letter No. PM/2/6-44/546/11-12/101 dated 12.09.2011 from Accountant General (A&E),Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram.


As per Government Order read above, Government have enhanced income limit referred to in Rule 90[6A(i)] of Part III KSRs as Rs. 15,000/- per annum enabling parents, unmarried daughters above 25 years of age and physically disabled children and solely dependent on the deceased for maintenance and having no other source of income.

The Accountant General vide letter read above has suggested certain modifications in the Government Order.

Government have examined the matter in detail and are pleased to modify the order as follows:

i. In para 2 of the Government Order the words ‘and physically disabled children’ is substituted with the words “widowed disabled daughters and divorced disabled daughters” .

ii. Para 2 of the Government Order shall be read with the following clause:

Consequent on the enhancement of the income limit, family pension is payable to the said categories only if the annual income is less than Rs. 15,000/-.

The Government Order read above stands modified to this extend.

Additional Secretary (Finance)

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  1. Daughter parents died.Her age is 22 years.Her father retired person from kerala gov and her mother died when in pondicherry goverment service(school teacher).Is she will eligible for pension?

  2. Please send me a reply
    Govt Married employee died in harness. His wife is getting family pension. Whether parents are eligible for family pension.

  3. Since the elder married’ brother is not dependent upon the younger brother who was a government servant and died in harness,he(elder brother) is not eligible for any family pension.

  4. Whether family pension will get for an uneployed married elder brother with whom an unmarried govt male employee hasbeen living and died in harness?.The deceased empliyees parents are expired and he has no unmarried brothers & unmarried zisters

  5. The father was the pensioner. The mother already expired. Now the pensioner father also expired. Will the son get the pension?

  6. my son expired on 25,12.2014 while he is in service as a teacher and pension will getting only his wife who residing her house with her son parents of died son not getting any pension. shall we get any amount from our daughter-in-law from her pension.

  7. Dear concern,
    My son died while he was in government service in 2013. And he was unmarried. we applied for the family pension for us (parents), still we have not got it. Why this delay? We are also aged, Can you help us ?

  8. Dear concern,
    I am widow and my mother died 2 years ago. I am getting my husband’s military pension. Do I also stand a chance to get my mother’s pension? Currently no one is getting my mother’s pension.

  9. dear concern,
    what are the criteria for getting family pension to parents and unmarried daughter,and who can apply this.

    Rajeevkumar k g

  10. “widowed disabled daughters and divorced disabled daughters”

    will this clause be applicable to only disables?

    if the clause amended into divorced/widowed daughters who solely dependent on the deceased for maintenance and having no other source of income would have a boon to thousands-deserving
    while Tamil Nadu & Andhra governments paved way for this by their G.Os. Kerala Government Lagging Back to Issue A GO on U.O. No.65-Audit (Rules)/14-2010 dt. 26.4.2011.


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