Grih Kalyan Kendra – GKK for Central Government employees and their families

The Grih Kalyan Kendra (GKK), a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 was set up with the following objectives:-

(a) To promote social, economic, cultural and educational activities for the betterment of Central Government employees and their families.

(b) To impart technical and vocational training in home crafts and other household arts for useful utilization of leisure time and for better and efficient housekeeping.

(c) To organize and promote economic activities that may provide opportunities for gainful employment to families of Central Government employees for supplementing family income.

The GKK is administered by Grih Kalyan Kendra Board. The Board is responsible for the organization and administration of GKK.Additional Secretary (S &V), DOPT is the President of the GKK Board. During 2010-11, an amount of Rs. 25 lakhs has been released to GKK as grant-in-aid.

In pursuance of its objectives, GKK has been conducting the following welfare activities:-

(i) Training classes in cutting, tailoring and embroidery for the housewives and grown up girls during their leisure hours.

(ii) Nursery education for children in the age group of 3 to 5 years.

(iii) Creches or Day Care Centers for children between the age of 90 days and 10 years (upto 12 years for girls).

(iv) Recreational facilities like Health Clubcum-Fitness Centre, Multi-Gyms and weight lifting, Indoor Games like Badminton, Table Tennis and classes in Karate, Yoga, Dance, etc.

(v) Hiring out of Samaj Sadans (Community Centres) for the use of Central Government employees and others for cultural and social functions like marriage.

(vi) The Welfare activities run by Grih Kalyan Kendra are indicated in the table given below:-









Grih Kalyan Kendra has undertaken the following activities during 2010-11 :-

(i) 1800 children in Nursery Classes, 243 children in Crèche, 542 users in Craft classes and 468 users of Gym/Health Club/Fitness Centres have been availing the facilities run by the GKK in Delhi/Outside Delhi as on 31st January, 2011.

(ii) 10 Gym Centres of GKK in Delhi have been set up/upgraded with financial assistance from the Ministry of Youth  Affairs and Sports.

(iii) A dynamic website of GKK has been launched in May, 2010. Now, the users can know the status of booking of Samaj Sadans and download forms etc. for booking for various activities in Samaj Sadans.

(iv) A write-up on the activities and functions of the GKK has been printed and released in April, 2010.


  1. Sir I have to verify about the upper age limit for girls i.e 12 years. Will you provide me any refrence for that. Thanks


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