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Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance to the Railway pensioners / family pensioners

(Railway Board)

S.No. PC-VI/348
No. PC-V/2010/A/Med./1

RBE No. 1412014
New Delhi, dated 19.12.2014

The General Managers/ CAO(R),
All Indian Railways & PUs
(As per standard mailing list)

Subject – Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) to the Railway pensioners/family pensioners-regarding.

At present Fixed Medical Allowance is granted to the Railway pensioners/family pensioners residing in areas beyond 2.5 Kms of Railway Hospital/Health Unit for meeting expenditure on their day-to-day medical expenses that do not require hospitalization. Orders were issued vide Board’s letter of even number dated 29.06.2010 (RBE No.92/2010) for enhancement of the amount of Fixed Medical Allowance from Rs.100/- to Rs.300/-p.m. w.e.f. 01.09.2008.

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2. In this connection, Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare (DoP&PW), the nodal department on the subject, have advised vide their O.M No.4/25/2008-P&PW(D), dated 19.11.2014 that the demand for enhancement of Fixed Medical Allowance has been under consideration of the Government for some time past and the amount of Fixed Medical Allowance has been enhanced from Rs.300/- to Rs.500/- per month, subject to the fulfilment of the conditions that (i) pensioner should be residing beyond 2.5 kms from the nearest health unit and (ii) the pensioner should not be availing OPD facility (except in case of chronic disease). The other conditions for grant of Fixed Medical Allowance shall continue to be as contained in Board’s letter No. PC-V/98/I/7/1/1, dt. 19.05.1999 (RBE No.109/99) read with Board’s instructions dt.01.03.2004.

3. These orders will take effect from 19th November, 2014 i.e the date of issue of DoP&PW’s OM on the subject.

4.This issue with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways

5. Hindi version is enclosed.

Dy.Director, Pay Commission – V
Railway Board

No. PC-V12010/ed./1

Source : Indian Railways

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  1. The Fixed Medical Allowance is denied for so many retired Railwaymen.The mechanical Staff working in the Yard,Operating staff who suffer date and night,Commercial staff and other open line staff due to lack of understanding and lack of knowlege who failed to opt for FMA at the time of retirement are now denied to claim FMA inspite of giving new format of Undertaking form.
    One time option is being given from the Railwayboard for changing from OPD to FMA because they are living 2.5 KM away from the Health Unit but Thousands of Retird, sr.Citizen of Rgetting Railway Employess need someone’s interfier and sort out this issue.
    We were getting Rs 400 as our starting salary and end up our service before 7th pay commission.We served for for merger salary than the present and very decent Railway salary.
    With out any mercy the Railway men are treated and I request you to get a clear instractions may be given for claiming FMA to the peoplr living 2.5 KM away from the Health Unit.
    The Board orders are misinterepted and denied.

  2. I, GURMAIL SINGH RETIRED XEN/ELECT. FROM NRLY.read out the letter for fixed medical allowance to retired emloyee in which a letter no. is mentioned e.i. letter no PC/V/98/1/7/1/1 DT.19.05.1999, (RBE NO.109/99) what is that, kindly inform

  3. I entered into 80 years and my wife completed 75 years. Due to old age I am taking BP tablets and vitamin tablets.My wife being sick she is under treatment of private doctor known to us..
    Now a days even ordinary doctor is charging Rs 200 per visit.Total cost of medicines for both of us including doctors visit is costing Rs 3000 per month.
    Railway health unit is in Samalkot which is 12 kms from kakinada..Doctor has to visit atleast 10 stations as well as working employees..

    I request the Government who which doctor will treat for both of us including giving suitable medicines which will give relief.
    Let Government think over what will happen to them after retirement.In fact I am spending 30 percent of my pension towards medical.


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