Government Approves Payment of Productivity Linked Reward to all Port and Dock Employees

The Central Government has approved the payment of Productivity Linked Reward (PLR) @ 17.34% of the annual salary/wage to the Port workers/employees/officers for the year 2009-10. This will benefit about 61,000 port workers and officers.

Salary/wage of each worker/employee for this purpose will consist of Basic Pay, D.A. and incentive payments subject to a maximum of Rs.3500/- per month. In respect of workers/employees/officers, whose wage/salary exceed Rs.3500/- per month, the calculation of payment will be made as if their salary/wage were only Rs.3500/- per month.

All Expenditure on account of this payment will be borne by the Major Port Trusts from their own resources without any budgetary support from the Government of India.

Source : PIB


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