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GDS Committee Report 2017 – Final Stage

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GDS Committee Report 2017 – Final Stage

As per the latest update from The Secretary General, National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE), GDS committee report implementation will be very soon from the Finance Ministry.

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Here is the Latest Update from NFPE


Today on date 11.09.2017 in the forenoon I met the higher officers of the Department and enquired about the status of GDS committee. They told that some queries were raised by the Finance Ministry. Reply on those queries have been sent and it is in final stage and may be received in Directorate very soon.

After receipt from Finance Ministry implementation process will be started. The officers of Department have told that they will not make any delay in implementation of GDS Committee Report after receiving approval from Finance Ministry.

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(R. N. Parashar)
Secretary General

Source : NFPE

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  1. what happens to the result , why there r some cancellation of notification all occurs, Is the Tamilnadu result declared also undergoes same problems in upcoming days ? pls clear sir
    If joining of the selected candidate not possible then there is any possibility second-selection list sir? If so how much time this takes sir?

  2. Sir what about the retired post master situation after 36 years of service no benifits. Really horrible to hear that no composition after retirment. Please let me know what is benifits that already retired post master will get.


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